View Full Version : Syringes and Injections

  1. Insulin terms, units, conversions
  2. U40 and U100 syringes
  3. Other Ways to Give Injections
  4. Needle Bevel Side Up
  5. Injection Tips
  6. ReliOn Syringes
  7. Ulti Care Syringes
  8. How Many Units Does A Syringe Hold?
  9. Shot-time Dilemmas-Your Experiences & Fixes
  10. U100 syringes with half unit marks
  11. Where you can inject your dog
  12. Comparison of different syringe brands with Gretel
  13. Images of 0.3, 0.5, and 1.0 cc syringes
  14. Basic set of injection tips
  15. Videos of dogs getting their insulin injection
  16. FDA website on sharps disposal
  17. Insulin Auto Inject tools
  18. Caninsulin pen with video demonstration
  19. Pre-filling Syringes
  20. Using Caninsulin VetPen
  21. Auto Inject Devices
  22. VCA video on testing and injecting
  23. Mixing N and R insulins in one syringe
  24. New Trick
  25. Finally, fine gauge U40 syringes