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  1. Diabetes from a human perspective
  2. Signs of Hypoglycemia
  3. Vetsulin PDF Tools
  4. Article on Pet Diabetes
  5. Hero - Juvenile diabetic now thriving at 2 years old
  6. Diabetes Management Information--U of Queensland
  7. Thinking Outside The Box
  8. Insulin Absorption And Heat
  9. When Does Your Dog's Insulin Peak?
  10. Non-Diabetic BG's/Stable Diabetic BG's
  11. ACVIM And Other Abstract Links
  12. Day to Day Variations in Blood Glucose
  13. Canine Diabetic Neuropathy
  14. Historical Data - How Much Insulin Needed?
  15. Information on Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar)
  16. On blindness from diabetes-induced cataracts
  17. Improving regulation through diet based on curves
  18. Honeymooning
  19. Curves definitely are not "old school"
  20. Some of the core ideas behind regulating a diabetic dog
  21. Dr. Peterson: Hypothyroidism / Insulin Resistance
  22. Why dogs often need some carbs in their meals
  23. Matching food and insulin - the milkshake analogy :)
  24. Management of Ketoacidosis by Clinician's Brief
  25. Miniature Schnauzer- Dr Peterson
  26. Duration of insulin and what the numbers mean, or don't
  27. Diabetes in unspayed female dogs
  28. Definition of insulin resistance by Dr. Peterson
  29. Dr. Peterson on diets for diabetic dogs - Many diets can work
  30. Curves - Dr Joi Sutton
  31. On blindness: Rena's story
  32. Rena's Story from 2001 by Lynne - Inspiring story of a blind diabetic dog
  33. Poll: how long has your dog lived with diabetes so far?
  34. Calculating carbs in pet food
  35. Whole Dog Journal article on canine diabetes
  36. Diabetes, Diets, and Dog Food Ratings
  37. Day Light Saving Time
  38. How long has your dog had diabetes so far?
  39. On nadirs and goals for curves
  40. Good graphic representation of blood sugar levels
  41. AAHA Guidelines for diabetes 2017 update