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We Hope
01-02-2009, 08:49 AM
Dawn has brought up an excellent point with her latest post about Brandy regarding there often being a need to think outside of the box to solve a problem.

Regarding my Lucky, I can say that when we opened "the box" there were absolutely NO instructions, suggestions, or hints anywhere in it; it was empty. :) So if we were going to solve Lucky's diabetes problems, there simply wasn't anywhere else to go but to work from "outside the box".

What I'd like this thread to become is a place where everyone who's also had to think outside the box to share his or her problem(s), and how they worked them out. In time, this thread will become a place for people to read when something's happening with their dog and they need some ideas and/or inspiration to help them solve it.


We Hope
01-02-2009, 08:52 AM
Here's a copy of Dawn's original post:

We have come up with a plan to use R and N insulin. Brandy has many other issue to go with regulation. First is exercise and excitement and stress. All of these will lower Brandy BG by many points. So I can and I have given treat to help this problem. Brandy can drop 50-100 points in 15 minutes. I could stop all exercise and play, but I decide a long time ago this didn't make Brandy happy. I want to give her the happiest life I can.

So that all said here is were we are now. Because of Brandy issue with dropping I keep her fasting between 200-250. Yes I would like her lower but with all the problems we have with hypo and rebounds. I do work outside of the home and can be gone for up to 10 hour a day. I can control what happens we I am not at home. She does have access to a doggie door all day. She can and will go outside a play. This works the best for us. One of problem we have is Brandy get a large rise from food fast. Her meals can raise her 100-125 points in one hour. The N insulin didn't start to kick in until 3-4 hours. So she would spend to much time in the 300. For some dogs this could be fine. Brandy just doesn't feel well when she is this high. So we needed something to help with the food rise and wouldn't cause to much of an overlap with the N insulin. So we have test R insulin and found it last a little over 4 hours. So we had to find a amount that would stop the rise and not drop the BG by to much. This has taken a lot of testing and adjustments. The next problem was to adjust the N insulin. Because now she wasn't getting a big rise from food. We need a amount to keep her BG steady with out dropping it to much. So more testing and insulin adjustments. Now we have found a amount that is working for us. It keeps her fasting 200-250 and she isn't getting much of a rise from food. Her lowest peak is between 130-150.

One other point is Brandy moring and evening fasting can be different. Many times the vet and I have thought rebounds. This isn't the problem at all. In the evening Brandy has more excitment with everyone comming home from work. She will also have more play time with someone home. So with BG testing we have come up with an different amounts of insulin.

I wanted to post this to tell you there are other way to regulate you dog. Sometimes we need to think outside the box. It has taken a lot of time to get to this point. So don't give up hope just try something different. I hope someone can learn from my experance. So as I said this is were we are now. Will it remain this way forever. As we all know with diabetes it can change anyday.

Wow I havn't posted in so long. And now I get all long winded. LO:D

Dawn and the girls

01-03-2009, 12:02 AM
There were times during the first 2 yrs after diagnosis that Niki's insulin NPH would just kick in fast at 1 1/2 -2 hrs, so with some help I had to add a faster carb I used 1/4 to a 1/2 of a saltine, it doesn't sound like much of a lil snack but it worked.

Now years and years later as her body changed I give just about a teaspoon of green beans and maybe 1 or 2 kibble Orijen's at 3-4 hrs after I give the insulin.