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We Hope
08-23-2009, 02:42 PM

VIN News August 20, 2009

"Virbac Animal Health has recalled Iverhart Plus flavored chewable tablets for dogs after routine stability tests showed that samples from two lots did not contain sufficient amounts of ivermectin to give dogs weighing 85 pounds or more six months of parasite protection.

"The company, which sent out a letter to distributors last Friday, reports that lots 090093 and 090095 of the heartworm preventative, sold between March 20 and April 5, are affected.

"A third lot, 090073, initially was named in the recall, but subsequent tests revealed the related product was not subpotent.

"While Virbac did not share the company’s letter with the VIN News Service, sales representative Tara Youngblood explains that veterinarians are being asked to contact their distributors to see if they’ve purchased product from the recalled lots.

“"It’s not going to harm the dog. There wasn’t enough (ivermectin) to keep the dog (heartworm) free for the whole six months,” she explains.

"The VIN News Service (VNS) contacted Midwest Veterinary Supply and Webster Veterinary Supply to get more information from the recall letter, and representatives at both companies refused to relay any details about it.

"But Vedco Inc., a generics distributor that feeds more than a half-dozen smaller veterinary supply companies, shared Virbac's recall letter with VNS. The document marked "urgent" asks that distributors track down what veterinary practices might be carrying recalled product and return the inventory to Vedco.

"Replacement product or credit will be issued after the return of a completed and signed recall response form and the receipt of the returned product, Virbac's letter to distributors states.

"Butler Animal Health officials say they did not receive a recall letter from Virbac. “It’s very possible that we didn’t purchase from the lot numbers involved,” a representative contends.

"Virbac’s Youngblood explains that the company is sending inquiries to veterinary practices, via their distributors, asking that doctors name the owners of all dogs that were administered Iverhart Plus from the recalled lots.

"The company is picking up the tab for additional heartworm tests for dogs weighing 75 pounds or more. Those tests should be conducted within six months of a dog’s last Iverhart Plus dose, Youngblood says.

"It was not immediately known whether Virbac plans to pay for any adulticide treatments of dogs who were given subpotent doses if they test positive for heartworms."