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03-20-2010, 10:53 AM
yesssssssssss! at last we have found a site that is friendly and full of information, thanx. We are very new to this as my dog Alfie was only diagnosed the week before last as having diabetes. It came as a big shock as i thought his weeing around the house was going to be territorial or a bladder infection .. and then the vet hit me with the bomb shell that he has diabetes. Alfie is a Cavalier king charles spainel and is going to be 4 in may this year. We started his insulin injection last monday and he is being as good as gold. However he sometimes squeals when i insert the suringe, is this normal? Its kinda freaking me outand lowering my confidence in giving the injections. I hate having injections myself and have had to over come and deal with this fear in order to give Alfie the injections he needs (i love him to pieces and have had to just bite the bullet). we are trying to get to grips with this new life change. We have been told everything needs to be consistent.Please can someone give me advice on exercise. should he be onlybe exercised a certain amount of time a day? and does this mean he will never be able to go for a day out of walks and picnics with the family ever again? If there are any friendly people out there who can give me some advice and their own experiences i would be grateful. Thanx

03-20-2010, 01:23 PM
Hi and welcome!

I put a copy of your post in the main diabetes discussion section - that is the best place to get input and ask questions. You can find it here:


And I'll leave the introduction to Alfie here too! :)