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05-26-2008, 04:31 PM
What pets do you have?

05-26-2008, 05:15 PM
We have one dog, Chris, and two cats, Gus and Katie, who are brother and sister. All rescued. Gus and Katie were found in a field in the country by a large animal vet who works nearby. Chris came from a city animal control shelter.

05-28-2008, 12:51 PM
Please feel free to tell us about your pets, and what the "others" are!

05-28-2008, 05:32 PM
I have an only cat right now. Lacey is a tuxedo kitty, 10 years old and was adopted from a Cat Rescue when she was approx. 4 mts old. She never lets a day go by without making us laugh about her antics. She has the biggest mouth and gets very vocal when her dish is empty. I never go to bed without making sure she has some food! Her mouth at 2:00 am is NOT AMUSING ONE DARN BIT! We love her so much and since losing Taffy in Dec., we have bonded so much more.

I have thrown around an idea of adding another cat to the household, but I'm not really sure how Lacey would handle it. :eek: Time will tell.

Neat thread you started Natalie. I like reading about the other family members as well as the diabetic ones! Jody

05-29-2008, 07:04 PM
I have a total of nine pets. My cockatiel was found outside in my tree my husband bagged it with a fishing net Never had a bird before Boy he was meanHis name is ' Baby Boy" I trained him to be nice. He screams when I pull in the driveway as he loves me to death. he remains on my shoulder almost all of the time Even mows the lawn with me( I get his wings clipped) He sings the Andy Griffith song but only in parts. he is a white pied cockatiel I have 2 calico cats named Sabrina and Yoda Sabrina is freaks real easily and enjoys milk out of my cereal bowl every morning. Yoda has become an inside cat 5 years ago as she was run over,(never moved when my daughter started her car)hit by a car(mouth was wired for 6 weeks as her jaw was broken) and got her tail caught in the wooden fence My dogs kinda thought it was funny to pull the skin off her tail. Yuk pretty expensive $3,000 worth. She still tries to dart outside but will listen when I tell her to get in the houseI have 2 huskies Pebbles and Jasmine(sisiters) We had found their mother and she had pups We birthed 7 babies I kept pebs and Jasmine.Jasmine is real vocal,likes to give hugs and wants to be the only one that gets attention. Pebbles is the quiet one Kicks back and watches you. Then I have a boxer named Kahlua(nickname LuLa). She is the sweetest thing around About 70 lbs ;6 yrs old Very loyal Very intiminating. Has had 3 operations for mast cell cancer Stage one and two.only found in f irst operation Hasn't had a a cancerous growth in a while Very obedient and stubborn at times. Likes her butt scratched( Ha)Then we have Puma the chihuahua. We found her She is about 8 yrs old Stubborn is the breed. Yappy she isn't Doesn't act like a chihuahua at all. Doesn't shake Everyone likes her.She sleeps under my covers The there is Harley(pitt-lab mix) He is 2 yrs old My daughter got him from the pound He had parvo. We syringed him pedialyte around the clock. He has since become my husbands dog and is very energetic. Last but not least there is Sabastian A year old beagle,airdale terrier mix. Is the must destructive dog I have ever had very loving Likes to lick you all the time and gives lots of kisses he is a lucky boy to be in the house!!! Also am taking care of a neighbors cat named Orfeo He is 19 years old and staysin my front yard. So I guess he is pat of the clan as well. my neighbors will be in Africa for quite some time. my house is gods heaven Everyone gets along. Chow time is a zoo here. We put names on all of the bowls When Pebbles eats they all eat. Would not trade any one of them for anything!!!!I love them all.If I could I would have more

Brandy mom
05-29-2008, 08:04 PM
Here is my Zoo

I have two dogs Penny(dobeman lab mix) soon to be 12. Brandy (doberman) soon to be 8.

One cat Lexi. Lexi was my daughter cat. When she moved back home with a cat. The only problem is she moved out again and Lexi stayed. LOL. She is one of the sweetest cat I have ever met.

Two parkeets. I got for my birthday last year. My hubby felt so bad after I killed my quaker. That is another long story. It was a accident.

I think we have 10 diamond doves now. My hubby raises them. They are little doves that make the cutties noise.

Two beared dragon. They are the sweeties little babies. Very friendly. They just look mean.

One 92 gallon corner fish tank. That I have discus fish in with a few smaller fish. I also have 7 smaller fish tanks. That I raise and breed different breeds of Afican ciclids. My husband has a fish room with over 70 tanks. He raises several different kinds of fish. This is one hobby that we have in common. We attend several tropical fish auction and swap meet a year.

One turtle. I ran him over with the car in a trip to Arkanas about 4 years ago. I smashed his front foot. The vet there just wanted to put him to sleep. I said no way. So he came home with us. In the winter he lives in the house. In the summer he lives in the back yard. He is the sweetie soul. He would of never made it in the wild again.

And last for now. I have three koi ponds in the back yard. I think together it about 7000 gallon of water. All three ponds are connected together. I think there are over 100 different kind of Koi and over 100 gold fish.

So this is my zoo for now. You never know what tomorrow will bring.


05-29-2008, 08:25 PM
Ha! I didn't expect pet stories to be so full of surprises!!

Honestly, I don't know how you two do it, Marianne and Dawn... way more pets than I could handle! I am in awe of your abilities!!!

Puma the chihuahua huh!!?? :)


05-29-2008, 10:50 PM

My first cat Gandalf was a master of getting attention when she was hungry. For a while I lived in an apartment with a swinging door between the kitchen and the dining area that served as the bedroom and I kept the trash in the kitchen.

She would start by rustling the trash to wake me up, knowing I didn't want her to tip it over. I'd get up and put the trash out of her reach...

Then she'd start with the swinging door, pulling it back and forth.

If that didn't get me out of bed, she'd resort to sitting next to my face on the bed, reaching out with a paw and just a little bit of claw - not too much, just enough to make an impression, and dragging her paw/nails across my cheek. That was usually enough to get me out of bed and feed her regardless of the time or when she had last eaten!!!

Of course, none of these things happened just once cuz I really like my sleep. We'd go through the trash rustling half a dozen times before I'd finally put it out of reach, then the door... only the cheek graze would get me out of bed first try!

She was a tiger stripe plushy short hair built like a Sumo wrestler.


Someday I want a tuxedo cat...


Brandy mom
06-20-2008, 11:06 AM
Lexi is a Texudo cat. My husband didn't know this until I brought home a calander of Tuxedo cats. He said Lexi is a Tuxedo cat not just a regular cat. I told him non of are animals are regular animals. He told me to sit down and put my claws away momma bear.LOL

Dawn and the girls

06-20-2008, 10:06 PM
I miss Gandalf. I grew up with her. Got her when I was 21 years old and living on my own and she didn't like anybody but me! I swear she must have had some tortie in her. Just now I was remembering what it was like to have that plushy warm fur tucked between my shoulder and my chin at night...

06-22-2008, 01:00 PM
My husband and I are mommy and daddy to 7 dogs.... Rex ..our 6 yr old 98 lb German Shepherd....Jack.. our 6 yr old 17 lb mini Poodle....Ginger 6 yr old 35 lb Beagle.... Mickey, you all know my little guy 15 lb 5 yr old diabetic/possible cushings... Molly, 3 yr old 12 lb lasha/poodle ... Mitzi 2 yr old 9 lbd Shizu....and last but FAR from least... Ebony 6 lb 2 yr old toy poodle ( the queen) We also care for a abandoned cat we feed him and give him shelter in bad weather , we fixed him gave him shots and named him "Harley" hes about 6 yrs old we've been caring for him since 2003 ..He wont come in the house (dogs I guess) so we fix him a nice bed in the garage.

06-25-2008, 10:35 PM
Wow, your German shepherd is just surrounded by ankle-biters!! :)

05-04-2015, 11:47 AM
Our dog population is about to increase significantly....

We had four dogs then sadly lost the oldest about a month ago. We decided to take in another rescue one and found a sweet little Bedlington terrier girl.

Her coat was terrible and she was full of fleas so we tidied her up and got her clipped so she looked very beautiful. and she was settling in with the others very well ...then we realised two days ago that she was pregnant - so we are expecting about 6 puppies in two weeks time! The identity of the father is completely unknown of course so we will be having a game of "Guess who's the daddy" when they arrive.

We haven't had puppies before so we're on a bit of a learning curve - but it is very exciting!

Our other animals include a motley crew of various elderly goats, two retired horses and some hens.

05-04-2015, 09:49 PM
Oh my goodness... you adopted a bit more than you thought, huh? She's a lucky girl to have found a home with you.


05-05-2015, 05:38 AM
Yes indeed - I hope we can take good care of her.
She's now enjoying lots and lots of food and fuss as we want to get to know her so she trusts us to help with the puppies. Luckily she seems to be very sweet and affectionate. She's very happy to be handled - I even can curl her lip up as if to test her blood sugar (had to give it a try!).
It all makes Eddie's diabetes seem quite straightforward!

05-05-2015, 10:56 AM
so sorry about your oldest dog. But can't wait to see puppy pictures! Had to laugh at you rolling her lip up!


06-13-2015, 10:15 AM
I feel we almost need a separate category on this poll now! Rosie has had her puppies and so we are now up to 4 adult dogs and 5 puppies.

They are very very cute and fluffy. Luckily it has all gone smoothly so far and they are now 4 weeks old and are nearly 5 times their birth weight. Rosie on the other hand is a shadow of her former self as she tries to keep up with their feeding demands so we are weaning them as fast as we can to take the pressure off her.

Will try to upload a photo of them looking cute (even though half the time they are just little hooligans!)