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06-15-2008, 07:42 PM
I was just reordering Chris' supplies and thought I'd post the expense of his lancets, test strips, syringes, and insulin.

I don't buy on eBay so there are probably cheaper deals out there and I don't get my syringes from Wal-mart, which also would be less expensive. I've found a syringe I like and they are inexpensive enough, especially compared to Chris' other meds, that I just go with what's convenient.

I buy lancets, test strips, and syringes from www.Hocks.com (http://www.Hocks.com) and buy far enough in advance to use free ground shipping.

We do an average of 3 BG tests a day, once before 3 of 4 of Chris' meals and injections.

Hocks' Cost

Lancets for Accuchek Softclix lancing device
- box 200
- $16.47 per box or about 8 cents each.

Syringes - BD Ultrafine II U-100 31-gauge, 3/10th cc, 5/16th short needle
- box of 100
- $27.80 or about 28 cents each

OneTouch Ultra Test Strips
- box of 50
- $36.00 each or about 72 cents each

Wal-mart Insulin Cost for R/NPH

About $23.00 per bottle for 1,000 units of insulin

We use about 28 units of insulin per day so a bottle lasts about a month.
This is easily half the price of what other pharmacies charge.

Hocks also sells insulin but it's not necessarily less expensive than Wal-mart and then I don't worry about whether it's managed to stay cool but not too cold while being transported individually instead of part of a large shipment in a refrigerated truck.

Cost for pets who don't need four injections a day! :)

two syringes - 56 cents
40 units of insulin (picking an average of 20 units twice a day) - 92 cents
1 lancet and test strip if testing once every day - 80 cents

Daily cost of $1.48 per day plus $0.80 for each BG test done.

06-16-2008, 12:55 AM
Thats good info, now maybe tommorrow I;ll try and figure out my costs with Niki:)

06-16-2008, 01:25 AM
Well my prices are what I can get here in Australia.

Softclix lancets (100) $12.99
Humulin N $27.80
BD ultrafine syringes(100) $23.39
Optium glucose strips (100) $12.00 (normally $52 and I can't say how I get them)

Jenny & Buddy

Debbie & Apollo
06-16-2008, 04:18 PM
I don't have a break down of all of Apollos expenses but....

today we went to the vet office and I thought I was just picking up a script for Denosyl..... well they actually had the product there for me...
I had done my research at home and was prepared to order on line.

They offered their box for $40 --- I said no thank you --- SO the girl talked to someone 'in the back' and they agreed to match what I had found on the internet.

They have also offered to match all of his med needs! so now they are matching the online price plus I don't have to pay shipping!

I never thought to ask!

Debbie and Apollo