View Full Version : Basic set of injection tips

02-11-2011, 09:49 PM
Just to summarize a few key things about the injections:

1) Breathe!

2) Let the insulin warm up after you fill the syringe since cold insulin stings.

You can tuck the syringe under your arm or wrap your fingers around the syringe barrell for a few minutes. If you draw the insulin and then prepare the meal, the chill should be off of the insulin in the syringe by the time you inject.

You don't need it warm; just take the chill off of it so it's closer to room temperature.

3) Put the bevel of the needle up.


4) Always use a new syringe - never re-use old ones.

5) Rotate the injection site.

6) Dogs do sometimes dislike some particular areas and are fine with others so you can move the injection site around some and see if he is better with one spot or another.

You want to work more or less in a single area when you rotate - so if you're injecting in the scruff, you inject only in the scruff but move the injections around to different parts of the scruff of the neck.

Where you can inject your dog (http://www.k9diabetes.com/forum/showthread.php?t=2290)

7) Some tiny treats like tiny pieces of meat or vegetables like a green bean or broccoli can be used as distractions during the shot or as rewards after.

8) Small dogs sometimes do better when put up on a counter or in the sink - some "off" environment that kind of interrupts their process. Others do better if held or if laying on the floor. Some dislike a lot of noise and commotion and do better if injected in a quiet place... experiment and see what works for your dog.

Most dogs adjust to being injected - some faster than others. If you're still having problems in a week or two we can talk about other things to try.

9) Try very very hard to set aside your wish that you didn't have to do this. Your dog will sense your emotional state. So it can make a difference just being resolved in yourself that this is what needs to be done to save his life.

I know has ever had to give up. Eventually, they all found something that worked for them.