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03-07-2011, 01:24 PM
http://s1239.photobucket.com/albums/ff504/nicisanjuan/Buster/11 years, 1 month
Pug/Husky Mix
50 lbs.
Diabetes, Pancreatitus, possibly Cushings Disease
Diagnosed on March 6, 2011
6 c.c.'s of insulin 2X per day 12 hours apart
Diet: Low protein, High Fiber
Royal Canine ( But he hates it and won't eat it)

Hi everyone! I'm so glad I found this website. He has been home form the hospital for 2 days. It is like a nightmare! They said he also has pancreatitus! The bill was $4,000.00! Which we're not complaining about because Buster is out pride and joy, he is like our little boy.

He is a pug/husky mix... I know... sounds wierd, but he is beautiful and so cute. He is so smart with great communication skills. He shows his emotions well, too. Everyone falls in love with him. He is 11 years and 1 month old.

It all started when he dug up some crab shells and ate them about 3 weeks ago. Everything was fine until then. He threw them up, and then lost his appetite. He started drinking lots of water and eating grass, but no food. This is very unusual because Buster is known for being a chow hound! The weather got really terrible and we had a knarly snow storm. The electricity was out everywhere and even at our veterinarian's clinic. We couldn't drive around because the snow was so deep.

We finally were able to get him out on March 1st, one week ago. Our vet said there was no obstruction, but his blood sugar was off the charts. We had to go drive an hour away to go to a better vet hospital with 24 hour care and good internal medicine doctors. They said he needed to stay and get hydrated, and get an ultrasound.

The results were that he has diabetes, pancreatitus, and possibly Cushings Disease. He still wouldn't eat and was in the hospital from Monday to Saturday morning. They gave us Royal Canine Food with lots of fiber to buy. Very expensive. He needs to eat 2X a day 12 hours apart. Then get 6 c.c.'s of insulin after he eats.

He hates the food, won't touch it. We boiled him chicken breast and he'll eat a tiny bit of that ( 1-3 Tbs.) The advice nurse said if he only eats half of his food allowance (1 cup in am and 1 cup in pm) so that would be a half cup of food only give him 3 c.c.'s of insulin. Yesterday, my husband was afraid to give him the insulin because he didn't want to make him get low blood sugar which would give him seizures, etc. so he didn't give him any! He would hardly eat! He won't eat the food they gave him. He ate a few Tbs. of "Blue Buffalo" which seems to have the same ingredients and amounts of protein and fiber. The internal medicine doctors said they had no problem with this food.

We were worried sick, because we can't measure his blood sugar! We looked on line and we found this site that said we could use a monitor just like humans do. The vets said that they hadn't invented them yet and we would have to bring him to the vet everytime he needed to get tested which could cost $150.00 each time. We just don't have that much money!

Our next door neighbor came over with his blood sugar monitoring tester and said, "Buster's blood sugar is off the charts!" He did eat a little chicken, so we gave him a full dose: 6 c.c.'s.

Buster seemed fine and I took him for a walk and he was not as frisky as he use to be, but pretty peppy. When he got back he ate a small dog biscuit, and really enjoyed it. Now, he is sleeping peacefully.

I hope I get a lot of information from the people on this forum. This is the first forum I've ever joined!

03-07-2011, 01:50 PM
BG testing can be done at home. Some have meters for animals and some use a human meter. The meters are not expensive but the test strips can be. Although even at $1 a test strip a curve can be done for 1$2 or $15 so not expensive compared to the vets.

Some meters read better numbers but you can get some blood taken at the vet and also use your own meter (at the same time) to see how far the numbers are out.

As for food, so many are using different things and the first must is that your dog eats and enjoys what you are feeding so that you can give insulin. If you dog really hates this new food then you need to look for something that is okay nutrition wise and that Buster will eat.


jesse girl
03-07-2011, 02:11 PM
welcome to you both as jenny said i believe home testing is a must my jesse probably wouldn't have survived with out it

walmart has the relion meter and teststrips you may want to try other types over time take to the vet and compare it wont be exact but pretty close at lower numbers to prevent dogie from going to low . It is a great tool in the management of the disease many vets seem to frown upon it there behind the times and its to bad for the dogs and there owners regulation can be attained so much faster and seizures can be prevented physical signs sometimes can be difficult to ascertain at the beginning

03-07-2011, 03:55 PM
Hi and welcome!
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