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09-03-2011, 12:31 PM
Hello. I am new to these forums and I have already learned a lot. Here is my dog's information:

Name: Dozer
Breed: Miniature Pinscher
Birth date or age: 11 years old (estimation)
Weight: Fluctuates around 10-12lbs
Date diagnosed with diabetes: August 19 2011
Type of insulin and how often given: Humulin N (2 units 2x daily)
Diet: Purina DCO (dry) and Hill's Rx Diet w/d (canned)
Method of monitoring: Vet check up every Friday (no home monitoring options have been discussed yet)
Other medical issues: He used to be overweight (19lbs), Allergic to vaccinations (new medical issue, haven't figured out exactly which one yet) and he had a neck & shoulder injury in March of 2011.

When Dozer was diagnosed I was very scared. I had very little knowledge on diabetes and what it meant for my dog. I was also relieved because I thought I was going to get a liver failure diagnosis. After learning diabetes was manageable in dogs with a shot twice a day and strict feeding guidelines I felt very hopeful and I am extremely dedicated to getting my little guy healthy.

Dozer is still in the process of getting regulated which has been frustrating because I believe I am doing everything correct but he just isn't responding, yet! I am trying to remain optimistic and positive about his treatment so he doesn't pick up on my nervousness and worry. I live alone so giving him the shots is the scariest and most difficult part. He is scared and fighting me when I give him his shot and it's becoming a longer process every day. If only I had three hands! He has taken to his new diet very well which I heard can be it's own struggle. I am trying to make shot time as easy and comfortable for him as possible and I am still unsure if I am doing it correctly. I have to muzzle Dozer to give him his shot and he is fighting me. I am working with tips from the internet and a family member who works at a humane society to make shot time go as smoothly as possible.

I hope to be able to learn as much information as possible from people who have been successful in treating their dogs so I can better treat my dog and help others out. I have a lot of questions because this is still new to me but my mind is a sponge, I am taking notes (I started a Dozer's Diabetes Journal) and I have already learned a lot from just browsing the various threads and topics here.

I would like to offer a big Thank You! to all of those who have contributed to this site and are offering their time and knowledge to those of us who are new to having a dog with diabetes. Thank you!

09-03-2011, 05:48 PM
Welcome to you and Dozer! :)

I put a copy of this thread in the main Diabetes discussion area, where it will get more attention.