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We Hope
11-24-2008, 07:52 PM

This is a page from the University of Queensland where Doctors Fleeman and Rand do their work with pet diabetes. There are a lot of links here for both dogs and cats. They have a link for vets re: managing dogs with NPH or Lente insulin:


They note that if duration is a problem, either PZI or Levemir should be tried for dogs. In 2004, they published a study comparing PZI, Lantus and pork Lente insulin in dogs--their conclusions were that Lantus is not reliable when used for dogs, so it's not surprising that Lantus was not on their list.



This is Dr. Rand's research page and you get to see who paid for the particular studies to be done. We see that the PZI|Caninsulin|Lantus 2004 study in dogs was not paid for by Intervet, but by the Canine Research and Veterinary Foundation of New South Wales.


Interestingly enough, we see a lot of advice regarding the use of both Lantus and Levemir for cats at the first link. We've seen the 2004 Lantus study they did, but while you see a lot of information about either Lantus or Levemir for cats, you see nothing regarding using Levemir for dogs.


11-24-2008, 08:19 PM
I was reading this page
http://www.uq.edu.au/ccah/index.html?page=43504&pid=0 (http://www.uq.edu.au/ccah/index.html?page=43504&pid=0)

this is part of that

The third diet was a commercially available canned dog food (PEDIGREE® PAL®)
with moderate fiber (14g/400kcal), low starch (2g/400kcal), and higher fat (23g/400kcal)

1) For stable diabetic dogs, diets formulated with high fiber and moderate starch content offer no significant advantage for insulin requirement or glycemic control compared with a commercial diet with moderate fiber and low starch content.

So just say supposedly I would try this sometime, using the larger can of pedigree.

I would take say 1/4 can of this, add veg's and some dry food to it, I can't tell how much.

Or does this mean just use the Pedigree canned food?

Its a good article, am I understanding it right?

We Hope
11-24-2008, 08:50 PM

What it appears they did was to feed the Pedigree canned "as is"--directly from the can.

Pedigree is Waltham|Effem|Masterfoods|Mars--I'm not sure if this is the study that led to the paper or not:


1996 - 1999 Evaluation of high fibre diets in the management of canine diabetes mellitus.

Researchers: Rand, J. S.

Funding Bodies: Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition

Total Funding: $ 309,461

If so, then you can see why the Pedigree pal was used for it. ;)


Soaphie & Sydney's Mom
11-25-2008, 07:04 PM
Interesting articles - thank you!

11-25-2008, 09:34 PM
I posted in Buddy's thread about him going on strike at his food. He has eaten 125g of Science Diet Mature and 25g of kibble each meal and has had no problem for over 6 years until now.

He was eating if I mixed some Eagle pack chicken mixer but he has stopped eating that and refuses the kibble completely. In desperation I have been giving him 75g of Science Diet Mature can and 75g of Pedigree Natural (Chicken & Rice) can which is the only thing Phoebe will eat and he loves it and not only that his BG's have been better than ever.

I'm not sure you can ever get this diabetes thing "down pat" and the more expensive foods are not always better. The Pedigree Natural analysis reads a bit better than just the normal Pedigree so maybe at this stage in his life with this disease I should just let him eat (within reason) what he likes.

Jenny & Buddy