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03-06-2009, 01:50 PM
I was thinking today, no doubt cause we have 65 degree day here.

The 2 times Niki had her lows one was last year, we had a little walk at the park and I noticed on way back she was hanging her head and looking funny, we got into the car, I knew something was wrong, anyway I had something in the car to up her bg. When we got home she was at 70, i could not figure out how this happened as she was on the same insulin and food for a long time.

Now that i think about it, if it was 75 degrees out I open the 2 back windows fully (Niki will surely defend the car, its been done) the front windows are open 2 inches or more and the roof is popped, plus I always look for a shady spot to park but this I find this is impossible anymore, so if I was in the store for 1/2 hour, or in and out the car for several trips,the car will gather some heat in that 1/2 hr, I had the A/C on prev. would this maybe have effect on the absorbing of insulin or is it just dogs laying in the sun ? I really don't think the low came from the lil walk. I know she was not low at fast that day,

I do leave her at home when its getting past 80 degrees because of the heat in the car, too bad the parking lots don't have too many trees or shady spots anymore. Notice how they disappeared :(

We Hope
03-06-2009, 02:40 PM

Warmth can speed up insulin absorption.


Take a look at pages 10 & 11 under "Insulin Depot" and "Factors Influencing the Insulin Effect" for what can either speed or slow insulin absorption.

If you're running a temp, you may use your insulin faster than normal--and this is why they encourage people with diabetes to have a "sick day" plan where they check their bg's more often and may need to use more fast or rapid acting insulin.


03-06-2009, 03:06 PM
Very good, that would explain it.;)