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05-03-2015, 08:25 AM
We lost our first Dobe when she was just 8 1/2 and we were so heartbroken we didn't get another for many years. Still hurts today. But when my (then) 83 year old mother asked if we were ever going to get another Dobe, we thought it was time.

We picked out Quincy when she was 8 weeks old and we love her so much. Now she's been diagnosed with diabetes at 8 1/2. Just gave her the first insulin shot last night. She's such a good dog. Took a while to finally figure out where to get blood on her so we can check her blood sugar level. She never flinched as we made a pin cushion out of her. Poor thing.

We are very confident in our vet. We've been with him for over 30 years and he knows us well. We're retired dairy farmers so our vets became like family since we've used them so much. We don't live near town, so we have to do the monitoring and report to him what we find so he can adjust medication, if necessary. He's not a diabetes specialist, but he has several diabetic dogs in his care and isn't afraid to look up information if need be. He even does it right in front of us and shares what he's looking at.

We've started Quincy on W/D, which she likes, thankfully. 10 units of Novolin N twice a day. Her blood sugar was 305 this morning, which sure beats the 498 2 nights ago. This is scary since we've never been down this road before and don't know what to expect. Don't even know enough to know what to ask. That's why I found this forum. Hoping to learn A LOT.

If I ever figure out how to list Quincy's info like I see others have done, I'll do that. I'm not too familiar with how forums work.

Thank you to all who post so "forum challenged" people like me can read and learn:)

05-03-2015, 08:35 AM
Nice post. I'll copy the post into Quincy's personal thread for others to comment.