View Full Version : Re: Alpha Trak Meters, Both Older Style and the Alpha Trak 2

04-28-2012, 05:48 AM
So, both the AT and FSL strips are "new" style, with the pointy barbs on the sides?


The Buttterfly Freestyle Lite test strips have the 'barbs', these were out in recent years.

The Alpha Trak 2 test strips now also have this same feature, the barbs that will penatrate the blood sample as well as the feature that the Butterfly Freestyle Lite strips have to turn the meter on upon insertion.

According to Dr. Evans, the Abbott Veterinarian on staff that those of us who use/d the Alpha Trak would speak to if we ever called Abbott with meter issues, we are to set our older style Alpha Trak's to code 7 regardless of what the bottle of test strips indicate when using the newer Alpha Trak 2 test strips with our older meters.

This is the same code we use/d when using the Freestyle Lite strips with our meters.