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katy1 03-14-2019 11:44 AM

Annie: Diabetic with new Cushings diagnosis
As a new member, and after reading the info regarding ďthreads, I still wasnít sure how to acquire one so Iím jumping in here to start with. Iím hoping someone will read this and either direct or move me to where my mish-mash postings and questions appropriately belong and I will be able to easily find any responses or make postings on a regular basis.

Today, Annie is at the vet having a glucose curve run. As I mentioned somewhere else, I donít test at home for numerous reasons and I have many questions I know can be answered somewhere here.

Iím already a member of the k9Cushings group and they have been extremely helpful for that part of Annieís profile. Now Iím finding out just how much I DONíT know about diabetes and especially the nomenclature used in posting. Iím an old dog too and am a bit overly zealous regarding the health of my remaining pup. We will meet briefly with the doc when we pick her up later and Iím hoping that he will approve her for a dental and she is scheduled to have cataract removal surgery in May. With all this in front of me Iím pleading for some guidance on this site. It visually appears to operate the same way as the Cushings site, but in reality, it hasnít worked the same for me. I have posted a couple of places and have gotten some replies however, I have not had much luck returning to my previous spot because I canít find it. I am not in any way, shape or form trying to be negative or critical. Iím convinced itís probably ďoperator errorĒ on my part but I need your help with my dual diagnosis pup. Thank you in advance for your patience, guidance and learned words of wisdom. Blessings to all. Karen [/SIZE]

jesse girl 03-14-2019 01:24 PM

Re: Annie: Diabetic with new Cushings diagnosis
Hi and welcome . Yes you want to post on your own thread which you have done . this way you keep all your info in one spot

I understand why you dont want to home test but its the best thing you can do to give your pup a safe happy life with diabetes

ask any questions you like and go through the info on the site . Its quite helpful

Most find the path of a new normal and flow into a routine that works for the individual dog and there unique circumstances

katy1 03-14-2019 02:22 PM

Re: Annie: Diabetic with new Cushings diagnosis
Thanks Jesse. Weíre about ready to pick up Annie at the vets and Iíll report back the results and Iíll ask for my own copies of recent tests run earlier this week. Iíll post here later. Karen

Raysaint 03-15-2019 09:49 AM

Re: Annie: Diabetic with new Cushings diagnosis
As jessegirl mentioned, home testing is probably the most important thing a diabetic can do. A curve is good for seeing patterns and nadir, but blood sugar changes all the time, maybe not significantly, but every day can be different. Spot checks and fasting sugar is a good way to know what's going on.

labblab 03-15-2019 02:47 PM

Re: Annie: Diabetic with new Cushings diagnosis
Hi Karen <Waving!!!> :) :)

Iím a member here, too, and just saw your postings. Iím so glad you joined here at K9D! Iíll try to keep tabs on your thread here, as well as your thread on K9C, in case some additional Cushingís discussion comes up. In that vein, I noticed that another one of our ďdualĒ members, Judi, had added a reply to your original posting on the forum here. I donít know whether or not you had a chance to read her Cushingís comments, but hereís a link to your original posting. Once you click on it, youíll be able to scroll up (or down) to read all the replies that were posted to you there, including Judiís.


Iíll continue to watch for you on both forums!

katy1 03-16-2019 07:30 AM

Re: Annie: Diabetic with new Cushings diagnosis
Hi back Marianne! How nice to see a virtual familiar name. We took Annie to the vet on Thursday for a curve. She has been on 6 units of Novolin for the past week. She started out at 379, bottomed out at 209 about 1:00 pm and her last draw at 5:00 pm was 262. Doc told me it was a great looking curve, just not low enough across the board so he upped her to 7 units.

Now we have a new problem, for the past two days, she has not wanted to eat her breakfast. She is on Glycobalance, one can a day divided between her two meals. Yesterday, I ended up sprinkling some ground up freeze dried chicken breast on top and this morning, I used just a little bit of baby food turkey in broth and she picked around at that for awhile and finally ate everything. I'm scared to death for tomorrow though because it's her Lyso med day. I feel a call to the vet coming on as I type.

I remember seeing some info here regarding loss of appetite, but my big fear is that she may be getting a bit too much Lyso and it has really suppressed her food drive. Annie has never missed a meal in her life, even after bouts of HGE.

I'm going to post this on the Cushing site as well. Take care. Karen

Judi 03-16-2019 05:40 PM

Re: Annie: Diabetic with new Cushings diagnosis
We've had some dogs that had some type of acid reflux in the morning that made them not want to eat breakfast. Your vet may suggest trying some type of antacid. yay, more pills

Hopefully it isn't her cortisol

katy1 03-16-2019 10:23 PM

Re: Annie: Diabetic with new Cushings diagnosis
Hi Judi,

The reflux thing didnít occur to me until you mentioned it. About a year ago,doc told me to give her 1/2 a Zantac when she was having some tummy troubles and I still have some. We ended up taking her in at 3:00pm today and thankfully, OMGó-all her numbers were good. Doc checked her bg and it was only 119 and then he was trying to explain what the electrolyte panel meant regarding the Cushings.

I was crying all the way there and crying the whole time doc was
talking to me. He knows Iím a crier and gave me a hug and told me that I was doing a good job with Annieó-to which I replied, But iím not, I donít feel like I have a good handle on the situation. He had told me earlier through a tearful plea, that as long as she had some ďgroceriesĒ in her system, even if it took a couple of hours, I could give her insulin.

He said he would set me up soon with one of his techs to teach me how to test Annieís bg at home. Anyway, I left the clinic still in tears, because my baby was ok, but also with a huge sense of relief that doc understood where my exaggerated concern was coming from.

He also knew that I was scared to death that her cortisol had dropped below range, which it hadnít as he could tell from her electrolytes. He said to me, ďjust watch her like I know you always do. If youíre scared itís okóI get it and reach out to your support system. ( Heís totally on board with the k9 forums.). Anyway, thanks for listening. Blessings to you all and your beloved pups. Karen

Judi 03-17-2019 08:16 AM

Re: Annie: Diabetic with new Cushings diagnosis
your vet sounds like a good one. It can be so overwhelming when they have multiple issues. I cried a lot too.

I finally revamped my thinking and just focused on if Jenny was happy. Our goals were to 1. not kill her and 2. keep her fairly happy

It's easy to start obsessing over perfect #'s. You have to be aware and alert and it sounds like you are but I really feel it's important to take a deep breath and love your dog. She knows you love her and are doing everything you absolutely can.

Hang in there. These forums are an excellent place to vent because we get it.

xoxo Judi

Judi 03-17-2019 09:43 AM

Re: Annie: Diabetic with new Cushings diagnosis
one other rule a lot of us have followed around here is if she eats half of her meal, give her half her dose of insulin

if she barely eats anything maybe give her 1/4

once you are testing blood sugar that will be easier to do but with each dose of insulin, part of it is to just cover their normal system and part of it is to counteract the food.

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