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Judi 05-12-2019 09:46 AM

Re: Annie: Diabetic with new Cushings diagnosis
You have definitely been dealing with a lot of issues. I didn’t test blood sugar at home for a long time. One December Jenny’s ACTH came back perfect. She was on lysodren. So we kept the lysodren dose the same but her insulin needs dropped from 3.5 units to less than half a unit. It was my busy season so I just kept plugging along. Turns out her cortisol was nonexistent. In a few months the same dosage had gone from being perfect to too much. The need for less insulin should have been a clue but I missed it. At one point her back legs were trembling and wouldn’t hold her up cause her blood sugar was 40.

So my long winded point is yes. Everything is interrelated which is why treating dogs with both diseases is hard. Learn to test blood sugar. It isn’t easy at first but at least it’s easier than testing the cortisol. And thank god for these forums. I credit both of them for saving my dog’s life. Most of all hang in there. We do the best we can.

katy1 05-13-2019 12:32 AM

Re: Annie: Diabetic with new Cushings diagnosis
Oh all of you here, thanks for your input. You all are on target. Judi— I’m so scared to start testing Annie at home. Right now, I’m already the “bad mom” who attacts her with shots twice a day and annoys her another 5 x a day with meds for her cataracts. Then add on the Lysodren 2x per week—but that’s in my mind, not hers.

As far as testing at home. My doc said he would help me learn how to do it. But my little baby is still so bony. I can still feel her spine and all of her rib cage. Even if the inside of her ears are shaved down to nothing—you still can’t see any veins. One of my angel pups was diabetic and the only way I could test her at home was to roll the vein in a leg and use a needle to draw a blood sample. That just about killed me.

I’m just plain scared. Doc tells me that if I keep her on a strict diet, including a treat after her supper, she should be fine. Well now I know I’m going to have to jump back over to the k9C site and ask a bunch more questions over there. I just wish someone else with a dual diagnosis pup would chime in.

Oh Judi, if you don’t mind me asking, where are you located in Minnesota? The hubby and I are big time walleye fishermen and we usually fish the lower bowl of the Lake of the Woods up around Baudette and International Falls and we’ve even been up into the Angle which was kinda cool. Just curious. Blessings to you all. Karen

Judi 05-13-2019 05:56 AM

Re: Annie: Diabetic with new Cushings diagnosis
I just think Annie is so cute! We are in Detroit Lakes. My husband tries to get up to Lake of the Woods a few times a year for walleye. crazy state.

katy1 05-14-2019 04:52 PM

Re: Annie: Diabetic with new Cushings diagnosis
Question...Is Cosequin safe to give to a diabetic dog? I was giving it to her before she was diagnosed over a year ago. She doesn’t seem to be having trouble now and muscle weakness was never a problem when she was diagnosed with cushings. I just want to be as preventative as I can if it would make a difference down the road. Blessings to you all. Karen

katy1 05-14-2019 04:55 PM

Re: Annie: Diabetic with new Cushings diagnosis
sorry, I accidentally double posted. Karen

Riliey and Mo 05-18-2019 09:53 AM

Re: Annie: Diabetic with new Cushings diagnosis
Hi Karen
Its been around 7 days since you upped Annies insulin and food
It would be informative for you to check her blood sugar especially at fasting before food
And spot check threafter to see how the increase in food is meeting up with the 8 units of insulin
Most importantly to check for any low blood sugar

katy1 05-20-2019 05:50 PM

Re: Annie: Diabetic with new Cushings diagnosis
Oh wow—Now i’m being tracked, or rather Annie is and I want to thank you for your interest and concern. Annie had a curve done last Thursday, but I did not post the results because my sister-in-law had a kidney transplant so my focus was elsewhere. Anyway, doc raised her insulin from 8 to 9 units 2x a day after meals and no change in food amount. I even asked him if we needed to start reducing her amount and he said no. Remember that she also has cushings. She is scheduled to have another curve done this Thursday. Doc is more concerned with stabilizing her diabetes since her gallbladder surgery than the cushings—and I have to agree. Blessings, Karen

labblab 05-21-2019 05:01 AM

Re: Annie: Diabetic with new Cushings diagnosis

Originally Posted by katy1 (Post 167370)
Doc is more concerned with stabilizing her diabetes since her gallbladder surgery than the cushings—and I have to agree.

Hi Karen,

I’m not exactly sure what you are meaning to say in regards to Annie’s Cushing’s treatment. Does your vet not intend to continue to monitor her cortisol level for the time being? If so, I want to make sure you understand the possible result.

If her current maintenance dose of Lysodren is insufficiently suppressing her adrenal function, her cortisol level will continue to rise (as it has already done). If the cortisol elevation is caught early enough via ACTH testing, often the situation can be remedied simply by increasing the maintenance dose a bit. However, if the elevation is allowed to progress uncontrolled, you reach the point where you are forced to go back to Square One and initiate the entire loading process all over again. Inconsistent cortisol levels can also make glucose levels and insulin needs constantly moving targets that are more difficult to stabilize.

Unless an Addisonian condition is suspected, it’s absolutely true that diabetes carries the potential for more urgent crisis than does Cushing’s. But in terms of ongoing treatment success, I don’t think it’s wise to downplay the importance of keeping close tabs on Annie’s cortisol levels.

I know you’ve remained really nervous about the Lysodren. But monitoring her cortisol will reassure you that her level is not dropping too low. And if it’s increasing, it’ll be far easier on you both to just incrementally increase her maintenance dose, if necessary, than to go through another full loading period. So I’d encourage both you and your vet to be proactive about monitoring her cortisol level now, while the opportunity to make minor dosing changes remains an option.


katy1 05-23-2019 07:53 AM

Re: Annie: Diabetic with new Cushings diagnosis
Hi Marianne,
Annie is at the vet today for another bg curve. If doc wants to increase her insulin again, I’m going to insist we do another stim test even though she had one done a couple of weeks ago. I do know that if her cortisol is going up that will effect her insulin.

I’m juggling about 5 balls in the air right now and only have two hands. So, I just rotate between her diabetes, her cushings and keeping her eyes ready for possible cataract surgery whenever we can get her stable enough. Ugh! Blessings, Karen

Judi 05-23-2019 10:54 AM

Re: Annie: Diabetic with new Cushings diagnosis
I don't remember the details but I know for smaller dogs they are sometimes able to just do the first part of the ACTH test vs. the whole thing to possibly get an idea and save some money

With my dog we were more worried about lows than highs so this may not be an option for your girl but it's worth asking about if you are going to be checking more often since it isn't cheap.

hang in there! Judi

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