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k9diabetes 11-09-2014 05:43 PM

Since it's so quiet, how about an update?
It's so quiet around here... how about an update on you and your pup(s)? No diabetic dog required to post - we like to hear about you too!

k9diabetes 11-09-2014 05:47 PM

Re: Since it's so quiet, how about an update?
We spent a little while today at a Celebration of Life for Sophia Yin, Jack's behaviorist, who died at the end of September... really sad...

I spent about ten minutes or so with her Jack Russell, Jonesy, and he climbed up on my lap and let me pet him and talk to him. He looks sad and I'm sure he must miss Sophia terribly. I hadn't interacted with Jonesy much when Sophia worked with our dog but he was at our house a couple of times and he was as much of a "celebrity" as Sophia was.

Between that and a dog who got lost last Tuesday as a result of an accident and who died on the train tracks nearby, I admit I'm feeling kind of gloomy at the moment. But also very grateful for all that I have and for our boy Jack's health and happiness.


jesse girl 11-09-2014 06:06 PM

Re: Since it's so quiet, how about an update?
yes natalie that is the key being grateful. its one of the big ones understanding the meaning of life. it has a way of taking a negative and turning into a positive . its nice to see your friends legacy still present in the form of a dog . i am sure a reflection of who she was and still is . sounds like a great person

well for jesse not allot of rabbits lately probably the dry weather but grateful for the opportunity

been working in some pinto beans into jesses diet so far so good but just a couple weeks and as we all know that is just a spec if that in time for diabetics

Cara Sandler 11-09-2014 07:08 PM

Re: Since it's so quiet, how about an update?
Spirit's been acting like her usual spunky self. She's enjoying agility immensely and really excels at it. I mean, REALLY excels at it!!!!! As in, her trainer said that she can start taking the intermediate agility class, that most dogs move into after 5-6 months of training (we would set the jump bars on the floor so she doesn't hurt herself). She's been training for 4 weeks. She absolutely loves it and is motivated to do it all the time. She prefers doing agility to playing with the other dogs in class. During playtime, she totally blows off the other dogs and takes off to do the agility equipment herself :-) It's adorable watching her.

And I've entered an agility trial with one of the other dogs that goes to Spirit's school (his mom is too nervous to compete with him). I'm super excited but also really nervous. The dog is definitely ready to compete but I feel like I'm not. But he's a very easy going dog and just loves agility, so hopefully it will be a good experience for both of us. I figured I have nothing to lose. I did get very ambitious when I entered the trial, and entered every single division that he's eligible for, so we'll be doing 6 events in 2 days. Paws crossed it will go well. The trial is December 6-7th.

Charlie's mom 11-09-2014 07:22 PM

Re: Since it's so quiet, how about an update?
We're back in the frozen tundra for three more weeks! On a personal note I'm happy to report my unhappy knee is better, as long as my hubby carries Charlie up and down the stairs!

As Thanksgivig approaches I'm really feeling extra grateful this year; we're both healthy, our family is all well, Charlie just continues to truck along:D

A wee bit of snow this morning:(, going to be cold all week.

Natalie, you wonder what a dog thinks when it's owner passes, they must be so confused. I hope your glooms don't last long, sometimes the circle of life has its down times. Remember ALL of the dogs you have helped, we grieve when they pass but the extra time we have with them is because of you and the rest of the forum.


Patty 11-09-2014 07:59 PM

Re: Since it's so quiet, how about an update?
Natalie, I'm sure he must miss Sophia terribly. Glad to hear Jack is doing well. Tell Jeff we said hello as well.

Jesse girl, hope the pinto beans balance out well and the rabbit population bounces back!

Cara, how fun that you doing agility with 2 dogs now!

I have stayed very busy and things are just now starting to slow down (a little...). Taking some much needed time away this next week then spending Thanksgiving with family. We've had some health issues on both sides of the family so it will be a good visit but not without it's own challenges/concerns. Feeling very blessed that I am able to spend the upcoming holidays with my husband. Thinking of many of our friends who are separated during this time of year.

And, remembering the logistical challenges having a diabetic dog and juggling holiday celebrations presents. I still Ooh and Ahh over the sweet golden rescue pups I see pictured. But now is not yet the time. I feel I will know when. ;)

Cara Sandler 11-09-2014 08:27 PM

Re: Since it's so quiet, how about an update?
Yes, it's really a lot of fun. The other dog that I'm working with is a sheltie too, so hopefully working with him will help "train" me better, so that when Spirit is ready to compete I'll already have a lot of experience. Except that he's the most mellow sheltie I've ever met, and he's really not that fast. Spirit, I believe, is going to be SMOKING fast!!!!! But since they're both herding dogs, lots of the same techniques will probably apply (for example, most herding dogs like to be behind their handler so they can "herd" them - it's pretty hard to send them out in front of you - so I need to practice running courses without staying behind my dog). But I'm so grateful that I have this opportunity to practice. A few of my other friends have offered to let me do run throughs (which is kind of like a dress rehearsal) with their dogs, so that will help as well. Should be interesting to see what happens!

momofdecker 11-09-2014 08:44 PM

Re: Since it's so quiet, how about an update?
I'm sorry to hear about the loss of Jack's behaviorist. I hope you found some peace in the celebration of life ceremony.

Update here: Made it to November before having to turn the heat on :D

Old man Kinser had a good wellness exam last week. He's been on metacam daily for about a year now and we had to add tramadol a couple of months ago to give him some additional arthritis relief. All in all though - his blood work had a couple of slightly elevated values but nothing concerning at this point. He's 13.5 years old and it's only the third blood panel he's ever had. The first one with any abnormal values. Vet said for a dog his size and age, the blood work looks good. He's lost a lot of muscle mass in his rear legs and it shows in his mobility, but his spirit is still strong, his eyes are bright and he still has a good interest in life. His weight was down to 73 pounds. For years he he held steady around 83-85 pounds. It's steadily declined the last couple of years, but I try not to worry and tell myself that it's probably best given the weakness in his back end. He continues to believe he is king of the household and nobody has told him otherwise. :p

The pup, Toby, is doing great for the most part. He loves his humans. Maybe a bit too much as he is showing some definite protective instincts around strangers. He growled at the vet at his last visit a couple of months ago. Today he growled at a couple who stopped to pet him. Sometimes he's a bit hesitant around strangers who try to pet him, but today was the first time he growled. He walks with his tongue hanging out and is all wiggly up to the point where someone steps towards him (when I am behind him). I suspect he goes into a protective mode. When someone he doesn't know, especially if it's a man, steps towards him, he begins to bark, his hackles will raise, and today he growled. He'll stop when I tell him no and will sit when I tell him to. We've taken him to many social events and he is fine with people all around him, the reaction seems to be directly related to strangers stepping towards him (or maybe him thinking they are stepping towards me)? Open to training ideas anyone may have on how to curb the behavior. He's very food motivated so I think I'll start taking treats on walks to see if distraction alone will help.

Other than that - just enjoying what glimpses of the sun we have these days and looking forward to getting some vacation time over the Thanksgiving break.

amydunn19 11-09-2014 09:56 PM

Re: Since it's so quiet, how about an update?
We have been very busy ramping up for the holidays at our store. Christmas just comes earlier every year and we even had a holiday show during Halloween week. Who wants to buy Christmas outfits and sweaters when it is 80 degrees outside?

Maggie is doing good - seems to have recovered nicely from her surgery. Everyone has been doting on her and she gets non stop attention from all of our customers. She seems to be losing some of her hearing or maybe she is just being a stubborn JRT. She is into everything these days. The day we had the eye surgery, Dr. Miller was explaining the procedure so we had put Maggie down to walk around the exam room. She immediately walked over to his little wastebasket, dumped it over and started rummaging through his trash. He thought that was so funny and asked me if I was sure she was really 14. She just has days where she will get into anything within reach. She grabbed an empty Cheeto bag out of our work trash and got it stuck on her head. Then her face was orange with cheeto crumbs. Didn't affect her blood sugar at all. She scares me though with some of her antics. I dread the winter and cold weather. I hope she muddles through another winter without any major issues. I always feel like we will be lucky to get a few more months with her but I have been saying that for 7 years now, so who knows?

My brothers are both having heart issues - we have the worst genes for health issues. Our parents died at 55 and 65 years old so not great luck with longevity. Both of my brothers had heart attacks at 50 so I am wondering if I should be concerned as I am 47 now. Do women have the same risk as men?

I am glad the forum has been quiet for a while - maybe it means all is going well for everyone. I always hold my breath a little when I get on for fear that someone has lost one of their fur kids. It really hurts to hear that kind of pain from our little family here.

eyelostit 11-10-2014 01:57 AM

Re: Since it's so quiet, how about an update?
Just saying Hi to old and new members :). I hope everyone is doing ok

This is my dog Niki's story


Dolly and Angel Niki :)

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