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Fishslayer 01-23-2009 11:00 PM

Diabetes & Nail Trimming
As I understand it diabetes slows healing & the dog is more prone to infections?

How does this relate to trimming nails? My wife trims our permanent dogs' nails & occasionally draws some blood.

Is this a danger to diabetic dogs?

Our foster Lucy REALLY needs a pedicure!


eyelostit 01-24-2009 02:03 AM

Re: Diabetes & Nail Trimming
They can be more prone to infections with uncontrolled diabetes. I really think its in their genes.

I don't think if you happend to hit the quik of a nail its a problem, as this has happened to Niki at the vet, once when we got in the car I saw her dew claw was bleeding and they applied more of that (skytic powder?) but I have also nipped her on occassion but never got any infection from it.

I can't say Niki has had any real infections in all these years other than her bout with the diarrhea, and the UTI if it was a UTI that just happened a few months ago.

Can you see the quik on Lucys nails or all they are black?
Black ones are the hardest, thats what Niki has, so I more or less have to take her to the vet, cost is $15.00 but its better than fighting her to do it :D

There is a better pet trimmer out, runs about $60.00 its not like that one on TV maybe in time I will buy one, maybe for "Valentines Day" a gift for myself :rolleyes:. Let me know if you need the link to this nail trimmer.

Ricksma 01-24-2009 06:01 AM

Re: Diabetes & Nail Trimming
From the time Ricky was a puppy until he was diagnosed at age 4, he had his nails trimmed at the nail shop where I had my nails done. The manicurist there kept a trimmer just for him (shh, don't tell anyone, I think it is against the law). I took him once a month, and before I got my nails done, she trimmed his. When I found out he was diabetic, even though this had been our routine for four years, I started taking him to the vet to get his nails trimmed. I just felt more secure having it done there, because we seemed to have more "accidents" than the vet does, and I was always so aware that with diabetics, any little thing can start that snowball rolling downhill. I think you just have to address your comfort level...and for me, at least, that meant going to the vet to get something done that I knew I could do myself. I don't regret it.

Love and hugs, Teresa and Ricky

Fishslayer 01-24-2009 07:38 AM

Re: Diabetes & Nail Trimming
Thanks for the replies.

Lucy's nails are black. I think she can probly hold out till she's more regulated. Maybe the vet can do it while she's under for her spay.;)

Hopefully I'll be walking her with my own Cattle Dog & the pavement can do the job for me. Dingo just needs an occasional snip on his dewclaws & that's it.
Which is good. He's a real terror when it comes to his feet...:mad:


eyelostit 01-24-2009 02:42 PM

Re: Diabetes & Nail Trimming
Thats a good idea having it done while she is spayed. Does she have dew claws? They are the ones I worry about the most and will trim these ones as they grow in a circle and will hit the pad behind it.

Fishslayer 01-24-2009 03:47 PM

Re: Diabetes & Nail Trimming
No dewclaws on Lucy.:)


k9diabetes 01-24-2009 08:46 PM

Re: Diabetes & Nail Trimming
We always let the vet trim Chris' nails when they got trimmed - it was the one thing he absolutely REFUSED to cooperate with and would nip at me if I tried it. When he felt well enough, we too usually relied on his walks to wear them down to a reasonable length.

Chris' nails started out mostly white, but turned black in his later years...


Fishslayer 01-24-2009 09:14 PM

Re: Diabetes & Nail Trimming
I have no doubt that Lucy would let us trim her nails. I'm just not comfortable doing it untill she's farther along. With her activity level right now I don't think it will bother her much. We even went for a short walk on pavement last week & she seemed fine.

The wound on her leg is looking better every day. I'm just going to concentrate on that for now. I was really worried about it for awhile. A less enclosed (more breathable) bandage seems to be doing the trick. The skin/scar tissue there is just SO thin...

She was giving some thought to chasing the ball with Dingo today. I could SEE the wheels turning in her head. She wanted to but just couldn't screw up the courage... for today.:rolleyes:

She has a REALLY handsome gait. Almost a prance like you see foofoo dogs do in the show ring. I said ALMOST. Lucy is a Cattle Dog, and Cattle Dogs do NOT prance! :D


eyelostit 01-25-2009 04:41 PM

Re: Diabetes & Nail Trimming
A little prancing, my, shows how happy she is !!!;)

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