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Auddog 01-18-2014 06:38 PM

Forum reports on pet meters
Hi Paula & Mackenzie,

I have not read good reviews on the reliability of the iPet Glucose meter, so I would not recommend it. Bazzle and I use the AlphaTrack2 as well as the One Touch Ultra Mini. I actually started with the OTUM because I didn't feel like I could wait for the AT2 to come in the mail, lol. I really like having 2 meters because I was able to compare the two which helped me come up with a multiplier for my OTUM. Now I save money by using the OTUM, who's strips are about 1/2 the cost of the AT2 strips.

So happy to hear that Mackenzie is making progress, and I hope it continues. I'm very interested to see how her active lifestyle affects her glucose levels. Can't wait for you to start the home testing :D,

Audrey & Bazzle

k9diabetes 01-19-2014 01:23 AM

Re: Mackenzie's Odyssey
I do not recommend the iPet meter either - have seen a number of people get very poor results with it. Inconsistent and unreliable readings.

If you want to go with a pet-adjusted meter, AlphaTrak is good - expensive, but good.

We had an AlphaTrak for years but only used it occasionally to compare with our OneTouch Ultra, which we used every day for four years.

The cost over the long-term is the strips, not the meter. Plus I really like the strips for the OneTouch that have a window that shows whether the tube filled completely with blood. Another good feature is that it will tend to error out when there is problem rather than giving you a bad reading.

We bought our strips online - not even eBay but an online pharmacy that specialized in diabetes supplies - and they were much cheaper than buying them locally.

Exercise can have a huge affect on blood sugar. With Mackenzie's lifestyle, she may need snacks throughout the day to maintain her blood sugar when it's in a good range.

I know of a diabetic dog or two that were hunting/hiking partners - half a dozen times or more her person had to hike her out because her blood sugar went so low. It is a challenge with a very active dog, and I would probably opt for somewhat looser regulation as a result since hypoglycemia can be fatal.

You will have to stock the carriage with syrup. We used to keep a bottle of pancake syrup in the car and some small packets of syrup or gel frosting in the dog walking bag because even our slow moving dog tended to go low on walks.


MacKenzie 01-21-2014 08:55 PM

Re: Mackenzie's Odyssey
Thanks to all for the reports on the IPet meter. I checked with the vet from the Diabetes website that actually sold it and she did not recommend it either. She too reported that the accuracy was terrible.

So, we ordered the One Touch Ultra 2 and begin her testing on Friday. Which begs the question, where is the best place to take the blood? They had a little bandaid around her upper front leg when they did it at the vet 2 weeks ago. Should I do it in that same area? I'm not too keen on this whole lancet thing as don't want to hurt her.

This last weekend we went for a 3 1/2 hour, 2 1/2 mile hike up to Horsetail Falls near Lake Tahoe - no snow, believe it or not. We had a snack before, 1/4 of the way, at the 1/2 way point (the top) and then 3/4 of the way back down - chicken jerky (we only buy the U.S. brand) and dog biscuits. She did very well and was totally her old self running all over the place and never stopping. It will be good to test her though on these outings to see how she's really doing. I'll report back with my findings.


Paula & MacKenzie

BMarra 06-21-2016 05:29 PM

Re: Advocate PetTest meter
I bought this meter as a backup to the AlphaTrak about 6 months ago. Turns out I like it much better as the strips absorb the blood quicker and there is a 5 number countdown then the BG number appears no matter if it's high or low as the AlphaTrak will take long to register the number if it's high. The strips are less expensive than the AT strips. Whenever I start a new vial of the PetTest strips, i compare against the Alpha Trak. The company is also very responsive when contacted.

MomofGus 06-21-2016 05:59 PM

Re: Advocate PetTest meter
The recent reviews on Amazon are promising! I see the strips for $26.95 (free shipping) from the same place I was ordering my Alphatrak strips. I may need to check this out because I test 3 times a day on most days. I wouldn't need a different lancet unless this one would require bigger blood drop.

Let us know what you think!

MomofGus 06-25-2016 12:00 PM

Re: Advocate PetTest meter
Yeah!! :D Received my new Advocate meter yesterday. First reading was 100 pts difference, but I attribute that huge difference to maybe it being the first reading and maybe not getting everything just right.

I have used twice since yesterday. This morning, first reading was only 14 difference, with Advocate being the lowest, and my mid-day reading was 46 difference, again with Advocate being the lowest. If the difference holds, I will make this my main testing meter since I test so often.

I like how it works. It's easy set-up, and the strips just suck in the blood, beeps when the strip is full and pretty much instantly gives you a reading in under 5 seconds, whereas the AlphaTrak may take a little longer for it to work. I like how you use the end of the strip to get the blood instead of trying to get the blood on the little point of the Alphatrak strip. The starter kit came with 10 strips, 10 lancets, the lancer, and 5 travel safety lancets, and calibration fluid, and the little zippered travel bag, plus 2 AAA batteries. And, Countryside Pet threw in an extra bottle of 10 strips (which gives me 20 total to start with). All this for $9.95 and free shipping from them. I am now going back to Amazon to order a box of 50 strips, through them as a seller for $26.95. Ordering strips directly from them is higher. But, I have found it best to check Amazon and the seller to see which is cheaper because sometimes they switch the costs.

I don't plan to switch lancets as the Alphatrak works fine and I can get replacement lancets at Walmart for $1.48 for 100 of them. The Advocate lancer looks strange to me.

So, I'm hoping this continues to be a good meter and remains pretty accurate. The way my Gus is running now, I don't have to worry too much about having a low. We're back to having higher numbers again and being on a roller coaster of being anywhere in mid 300's to high 400s, and a couple 500's thrown in out of the blue. Schnauzers are most certainly hard to regulate and I sure pray he isn't getting insulin resistant. I will be curious on how close the readings are for others here that have ordered this meter.

MomofGus 06-25-2016 03:08 PM

Re: Advocate PetTest meter
Update - just did third comparison BG test with the two meters, with only 5 point difference, again with Advocate being the lower reading. I'm pleased that it appears to be pretty darn close. It's a win in my book right now.

jaycapz 06-26-2016 03:34 PM

Re: Advocate PetTest meter
Alright, I gave the new meter a test run. I am testing against the alpha trak, I typically use both alpha strips and freestyle. I know free style with code 7 is typically 15-20 points lower with BG below 200, and 30 lower than alpha above 200.

Results from last 2 days of testing.. A=Alphatrak with Alpha strips, AD=Advocates Meter

A-89, AD-33
A-100, AD-Low(no reading)
A-169, AD-77
A-95, AD-Low
A-121, AD-55
A-190, AD-100

The results are all over the map. I tried the control solution and all checked out. I am a bit disappointed, I would not rely on this tester if you have concerns of hypo range. I also found this to require slightly more blood than alpha and freestyle strips, not by much. The unit is bulky, alarm function is a nice add. It feels well built, but at the end of the day it's the accuracy. I have a second vial of strips, but I doubt I will see any change.

By the way, I did a coupe of tests against free style strips as well. As I started to question the alpha strips. Free style came in 20 points lower on avg, and still more accurate. I'll update with more once I have more to report on.

MomofGus 06-26-2016 03:53 PM

Re: Advocate PetTest meter
JayCapz, I'm sorry you didn't get better readings for comparison.

Here is summary of the readings I've taken so far yesterday & today. As a note, I will continue to use AlphaTrak intermittently because I believe it to be more accurate, but the results I've gotten for my dog is close enough for me to warrant use since I test 3 times a day. My Gus is still running pretty high and numbers are all over and that's why I test as frequently as I do.

443 AT / 429 AD Diff = 15
458 AT / 412 AD Diff = 46
288 AT/ 283 AD Diff = 5
372 AT / 334 AD Diff =38
268 AT / 306 AD (first time Alphatrak was lower) Diff =38

I don't think any meter comparison is going to be the same. For me, this is pretty close since my dog runs typically high that I can still be on top of what's going on with him. For my dog, I think the Advocate used less blood - it's definitely easier to get it on the strip than the Alphatrak. But, I agree with you, it's about the accuracy.

k9diabetes 06-26-2016 04:21 PM

Re: Advocate PetTest meter
Wow, those readings for Jude are way off... you could talk to the rep about it to make sure there isn't some problem in how it's set up and they might send you a second one if they feel that one is faulty.


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