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LRevHen 08-03-2018 02:59 PM

Newly Diagnosed
I am in serious need of advice.
My 13 year old fur baby Westie was diagnosed with diabetes about 8 weeks ago and itís been a struggle. Heís had Ketoacidosis (DKA) twice already with two lots of 5 day stays in the hospital. He already had cataracts and has now gone totally blind. Itís heartbreaking. I suspect he has had this for longer and they missed it last year. The vet was confused as to why the fast acting insulin they use during DKA didnít work on him quickly and they say he is sporadically insulin resistant.
I have paid for every possible test. He doesnít have a thyroid issue, no tumours, no abdominal problems, no cushings.. just slight elevated kidney readings.

His glucose just never seems to be regulated. Each week is different and they have changed his dosage about 3 times already.

This evening we did his glucose and ketone urine stick and the ketone was a colour on the stick that isnít even on the chart. Is this normal?

Iím in the UK and our vet wonít allow us to blood test at home and so we only have the pee sticks.

Any advice on what I can do to help with a) regulating him and b) his blindness. Will he adapt? He seems lost and sad these past few days.

Any advice would be amazing!

k9diabetes 08-05-2018 04:20 PM

Re: Newly Diagnosed
No one can prevent you from testing your dog's blood sugar at home. Just go get a human meter - best bet on brand is a OneTouch if you have those handy there - and do it.

The OneTouch models tend to work well with dogs - will read the blood sugar a bit lower than it actually is but close enough that you can use it to make decisions and it's fairly inexpensive to use. We used one the entire time our dog was diabetic.

How much does you dog weigh?

What dose of Caninsulin is he being given?

Is he on two injections a day?

He absolutely should be on two injections a day but the UK and Canada have been holding on to the original advice of starting once a day.

If your dog is on only one injection a day, that could be a big part of the problem.

Let us know so we can sort out whether he's being given enough insulin.


Raysaint 08-06-2018 09:33 AM

Re: Newly Diagnosed
Regulation takes way more time than 3 weeks. It's a methodical process of insulin, a full curve, then a dose increase for another week, another curve etc. until numbers get better, then more slight tweaks and then you're maybe on your way.
Don't be changing dose all the time, keep it consistent for at least a week.
Feed twice daily, 12 hours apart, and give his insulin just after each meal.

You sound like you're all over the place, going crazy, because of your vet. Learn some things from people here and compare with what your vet is doing.

I'm in Canada and my vet started at twice daily injections, using NPH. I think good vets have progressed past the old school.

LRevHen 08-23-2018 05:59 PM

Re: Newly Diagnosed
Thank you for your responses, I have only just seen them.
He is on injections twice a day 20 mins after his food.

This week his glucose has gone down to 13 from 33 but his ketones are still showing up on the sticks between 0.5 trace and some strange mauve colour that isnít on the chart.

I have ordered the Alphatrack, so I am hoping this will give me peace of mind as I am still only using the pee sticks which Iím guessing arenít reliable.

Is it normal for them to be so hungry?

jesse girl 08-23-2018 06:19 PM

Re: Newly Diagnosed
My jesses eating habits completely changed after becoming diabetic being more hungry . Not sure why .

CraigM 08-23-2018 08:04 PM

Re: Newly Diagnosed
Some uncontrolled diabetics may be hungry because they are not getting full benefit from their meals. Basically, the pup needs the proper ratio of insulin and carbohydrates (carbohydrates are converted into glucose in the body) from their food. In your case, the food enters the mouth, but without the correct ratio of insulin, the glucose from the carbohydrates are passed out in the urine. They can eat, but they are sort of starving. Once the blood glucose comes down a bit the hunger should subside.

How much does he weigh? Insulin dosage?

The AlphaTrak is a great meter, but the test strips are a little expensive.


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