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carolc 04-12-2018 05:13 PM

when do you decide to get another dog?
i'm definitely NOT ready, but just wondering when others here were able to get another one? How long did you wait and was it painful at 1st? Or did any of you decide you just couldnt do it again?

Lchow022 04-12-2018 10:59 PM

Re: when do you decide to get another dog?
Iíve lost two pets and it doesnít get any easier..
Each pet you have will have a different story and will leave a huge impact to your heart.
My cat passed when she was 14. She was our first pet that I had since I was 10 years old. When I was a child I took care of stray cats that were abandoned by my drugged up neighbors. I used my 5$ a week allowance to buy a box of cat food once a week for the cats..my parents called the spca without telling me and when I came home from school one day they were all taken away..I cried and cried for days. My parents felt so bad realizing that I loved animals so they got me that cat..she was going to get put down with the rest of her brothers and sisters..I wanted to save them all..but we could only save one..:(. When we had to put her down I cried and couldnít eat for days. I still think about her and have her pictures up..

My dog Oscar was ran over by a car when he was only 4 years old...he was brought home from my sister. He was best friends with Krunky(they were the same age and he would be turning 14 this year as well). My dad always walked them without a leash because they were really obiedient. But Oscar was so small..and he was only a few steps behind my dad while crossing the street and a car ran him over...he was gone before I could get there from work. My dad went crazy and I couldnít eat for weeks. I went on a long trip a couple weeks after and during my trip I decided to get Mochi..(my now diabetic white Pom and the reason why Iím in this forum). I bought him a couple months after Oscars passing so krunky wouldnít be depressed and will have a new friend but he wanted nothing to do with mochi because of the 5 year age gap..:(

It is soooo painful to lose a pet because theyíre like family. But I must say I think the bond I have with Mochi(my diabetic) is so strong that it will tear me into pieces if I lose him. I cry thinking about it...
Sorry for writing such a long response..your questions just really got me reminiscing...getting a new pet is always up to you and whether or not youíre ready. Some people canít handle the pain of losing their pets so they donít get another one ever again. But I would definitely adopt and keep adopting...

k9diabetes 04-13-2018 02:19 PM

Re: when do you decide to get another dog?
We surprised ourselves and got one just two months later... I just hated being without a dog. Didn't know who I was without a dog to take care of after all those years of daily management with Chris.

And though it probably was too soon technically, I've never regretted it. He's another rescue like Chris and needed someone to open their home to him. We got him at about 1-1.5 years old and he will be 11 this summer.


MomofGus 04-13-2018 06:44 PM

Re: when do you decide to get another dog?
It has been a little over a month since I lost my Gus. The urge to get another dog was there right away because I just had a void, and I still have the huge void. We have gone from 3 dogs to 1 dog in the last 6 months. I never dreamed I would lose my 2 schnauzers 6 months apart. They were "my" dogs, and our big dog is more my husband's dog. However, I'm trying very hard not to rush into it. I keep watching rescue sites to adopt. There was a beautiful 6 yr old schnauzer available, 2 weeks after my boy died, but something held me back from going to look at her. I decided it was just too soon, and have since decided against another schnauzer even though I love the breed and have had 4 in total. Too many predisposed health issues. So, when the time is right and I feel the right one has come along, I will adopt. One thing for us to consider is our age. I just turned 65, so, is it wise to get a puppy? I'm not sure I am up for the training part. After the ridgid routine of the diabetes for almost 3 years, I am beginning to be able to feel a little more freedom. And, then the guilt sets in. We sure have a different routine now since his passing. Our one big dog is 10, and he's not been very socialized. So, getting another dog is questionable in his accepting one, especially a puppy. I am taking him to a trainer next week to have him "evaluated" in that regard and see if I'm even getting my hopes up of even having another dog.

Daisydog10 04-14-2018 03:52 AM

Re: when do you decide to get another dog?
My mom and her little chihuahua, Louie, lived with me since Louie was about 2. When my mom passed away in 2014, it was me and Louie and we were both grieving horribly. In 2016 at the age of 16, Louie suddenly stopped eating and was throwing up blood. I took him to the vet and it was time. I swore I would never get another dog. It was just too much heartbreak.

Six months later the grandkids wanted a dog. I told them no. No puppies, no chewing, NO! Please can they have a dog. An older dog that won't chew. One of the doctors at the hospital needed to re-home his dog. She's 7 years old, housebroken and trained. Can we?? Please? Her name is Daisy. I finally caved in but I wasn't taking care of the dog. I didn't want a dog.

I came home from a trip, walked in the house and here's this adorable chubby little mini schnauzer. She barked at me and I sat on the floor and our eyes met. We connected immediately. It was the strangest thing. I said "You must be Daisy." I petted her then got my luggage out of the car and went in my bedroom to unpack. She followed me in my bedroom. It was late so I got ready for bed, Daisy went out in the living room and I shut my door.

About a half hour later the kids open my bedroom door and in comes Daisy. She's staring at me. I asked my daughter why isn't Daisy sleeping with the kids? Her reply was "because she's been standing at your door for 20 minutes." I looked at Daisy and said "Do you want up here?" She jumped on my bed and we've been joined at the hip ever since.

So much for not wanting another dog.

MomofGus 04-14-2018 07:16 AM

Re: when do you decide to get another dog?
Love your story, Daisey's mom. I too hope that the "right" dog will speak to me. All puppies speak to me, but I have to get past that puppy cuteness, and find that rescue that no one wants and it chooses me.

Carolc, you'll know when the time is right. The heartbreak is still raw for both of us, I think. I'm a dog lover and have always had a dog in my life since a young child. Can't imagine my life without one.

jesse girl 04-14-2018 08:34 AM

Re: when do you decide to get another dog?
With jesse being diabetic for so long starting at a young age I am not sure if i could ever have another full time dog . I know jesse is an old girl now and i am watching her like a hawk for any decline ( I think many of you understand that)

she is my third longest life . My first was growing up with my parents . The second is raising my kids and third is jesse . My marriage did not last as long . In a way i consider her my life partner and when she decides to leave this plain of existence my time in that life maybe over as my 2 other lives

I never say never . The universe has a way of dropping things in your lap . I do believe dogs do find you and not the other way around . I dont think forcing it is the way to go . If its meant to be they will find you

carolc 04-14-2018 09:02 AM

Re: when do you decide to get another dog?
but its doable without pain! yay! i'm happy to hear this. I never had my own dog die, this is new to me. our other dog Tink is 13 also, I dont know if I should wait till she's gone either. i dont think she'd be ok with it? right now she's still miserable so i wouldnt push it.

i couldnt even think about it now, the pain is so deep, my heart hurts. I "see and hear" him everywhere. last night i fell asleep on the couch, totally thinking he was here, i forgot. i woke up expecting him to be next to me, it all came back when i opened my eyes.

i am getting used to the new routine. its nice not waking up at 5 and making his breakfast, hiding pills, sneaking in a shot,explaining i need coffee before i can do anything as if he should know better. or checking him in the middle of the night to make sure he's breathing. i'd take any of that back again though!

carolc 04-14-2018 09:10 AM

Re: when do you decide to get another dog?

Originally Posted by jesse girl (Post 164801)

I never say never . The universe has a way of dropping things in your lap . I do believe dogs do find you and not the other way around . I dont think forcing it is the way to go . If its meant to be they will find you

ABSOLUTELY! i feel bandit adopted me. i was in a bad place emotionally, he came into our lives and things changed dramatically.

Daisydog10 04-14-2018 09:23 AM

Re: when do you decide to get another dog?

and find that rescue that no one wants and it chooses me.
It was very strange when our eyes met, it was immediately like we both said to each other "Finally I found you. You're mine and I'm yours". I can't explain it. Who ever said there's no such thing as love at first sight??? hahaha

Like Jessegirl said- never say never..... :)

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