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stylynjm 11-17-2016 05:47 PM

Re: Ollie's journey
It's my thought,that the normal starting thyroid dose is
.1mg for every 10 lbs...sissy gets .1 morning and night;)

oliversparents 11-18-2016 02:23 PM

Re: Ollie's journey
We have decided to go with a reduction of insulin from 30 to 15 units, and a 0.6 mg Thyrovet pill 2x daily, starting today. We'll be monitoring his blood regularly and adjusting the insulin accordingly.

Thanks to everyone for helping us with this decision. I'll keep you posted.


oliversparents 11-24-2016 09:25 AM

Re: Ollie's journey
Just an update on Ollie:

Last Monday, Ollie bumped his remaining eye on a chair pretty good, and was in pain. We had some tramadol left over, so gave him some and he felt better. We were taking him to the vet next day anyway to have his stitches removed.

So, the vet (country vet #2 this time) said he thought the lens had burst. His eye did look cloudier. Since Ollie seemed to be feeling fine on the pain meds, he recommended we give him extra eye drops (4x daily) and continue the pain meds. We will return in 5 days to do a blood test for thyroid anyway. Hopefully Ollie will not have to have his other eye removed. The vet said he's seen eyes like this go either way: either had to be removed or resolved on their own.

So far Ollie seems perky and not needing as much pain med, so we'll be reducing that today. So, interestingly, this eye's lens could have ruptured due to impact (trauma) and glaucoma may not be involved. As I understand it, glaucoma is increased pressure due to the eye's ineffective draining. Also, this vet said not to over-worry about his glucose levels until we get the thyroid dose adjusted correctly. The other country vet wasn't going to see Ollie for a thyroid blood test until after a month on Thyrovet, this doctor wants to see him after 10 days on it.

So, we're opting for the sooner blood test. Hoping that can get us dialed in quicker. His levels were pretty good until he bumped his eye, and then they went really high (600's). We've got them back down into the 300's now. He's up to 22 units.

We also got an Optivisor for him:


I had to modify it a little, but he went on an off-leash, off-road jaunt with us yesterday, and loved it. I do have to say I wouldn't leave it on a dog all day long, since it's fairly heavy and not as ergonomic as you'd wish. But that's OK, I was only planning to use it on off leash walks anyway.


Judi 11-24-2016 11:07 AM

Re: Ollie's journey
poor Ollie! That optivizor is very cool. I'd forget that Jenny was blind sometimes when I was walking both dogs and the poor girl would bonk into things.

glad vet #2 seems to have some common sense. hang in there!

k9diabetes 11-24-2016 11:23 PM

Re: Ollie's journey
Aw, poor pup! Hope he is able to mend it on how own.


oliversparents 11-25-2016 07:15 PM

Re: Ollie's journey
Ollie's eye is not bothering him so far. We cut the pain med in half today and he doesn't seem to be in pain. We've been spot checking his blood and today it was 247 just before his food and insulin. Not bad!

We had a few friends over for Thanksgiving, moved the furniture around and I was worried he'd get scared or bump his eye again. We had him wear his visor and he did fine, laying in the middle of the floor and hunting for scraps under the table. And he got tons of sympathy and pets from the guests.

The vet did say that he can see light and dark, pupils do dilate and contract. That's better than nothing. He'll be back there this Tuesday for a blood test.

oliversparents 11-27-2016 12:40 PM

Re: Ollie's journey
Last night Ollie had diarrhea which was more like a loose stool and had to go out at 1 and 4 am. This morning I noticed there was fresh blood and mucus in his stool.

He is acting fine: peppy even. He ate his breakfast, his blood sugar is between 335 and 212 so far today. He has not had an urgent need to poo today, just when he does, it's loose (and bloody). His eye is looking good and he seems to be out of pain.

He was pretty constipated on the pain meds (which he's off since yesterday). I'm hoping he just has a wound in there from being constipated and forcing it out.

Anybody know if this can be related to the diabetes?


oliversparents 12-08-2016 07:25 PM

Re: Ollie's journey
So, Ollie went to the vet last week and his thyroid levels looked good. The vet was not concerned too much about the loose stools. Over the last week, they have firmed up, there's much less blood, and things seem to be on the mend there. His blood sugar levels have come down into normal range, and he is perky and happy.

However, in the last few days he's been reluctant to eat his regular food. In this small town, the only other type available was a Purina One type, not great, we know. He is eating that, and for the first day his blood sugar tested fine (he's on 28 units). Then last night (day 2 of new food) he crashed an hour after eating. My husband revived him with honey on the gums, but it was a real crash: he could not stand, and blood sugar didn't even register a number, the meter said "low". Scary.

Needless to say, we are keeping a close watch and have ordered better food. The odd thing was that he tested so low an hour after eating. We are thinking it may be a somogyi response AND/OR the thyroid medication really started kicking in and he had a dramatic reduction in insulin resistance. We've reduced the insulin to 20 units, and are basically starting over I guess. It's been keeping him from crashing so far.

Does anyone have any similar experiences or thoughts on why this happened this way?



amydunn19 12-09-2016 06:12 PM

I would go on the premise that it is the thyroid meds kicking in. I would reduce the insulin and hold steady with food. Too many changes at one time is chaos.

MikeMurphy 12-09-2016 06:25 PM

Re: Ollie's journey
I would also assume it is the effect of the thyroid meds. Remember that my Lily's insulin dose dropped from 30 to 18 units after starting her thyroid meds.

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