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k9diabetes 06-14-2010 07:58 PM

Re: Annie is making the switch to NPH
UTIs can be pretty popular when the blood sugar goes haywire. ;)

She might have gone low last night after the 78 at 8pm. If she kept dropping, that 500 could be a rebound.

So I'm anxious for news about what the vet finds.


CraigM 06-14-2010 08:43 PM

Re: Annie is making the switch to NPH
As of this afternoon the lab found three "bugs" and identified one as e-coli. The other two haven't been identified. Does this make sense? The vet wants to wait until the other two get identified before starting treatment.

Todays numbers:

8AM = HI
4PM = 172 (gave 4 kibbles, may have been a mistake)
8PM = 452

k9diabetes 06-14-2010 09:12 PM

Re: Annie is making the switch to NPH
How did they collect the sample? Did they draw it through a needle into the bladder or was it catch in a cup?

They probably want to make sure the antibiotic hits everything. There are an awful lot of resistant bacteria out there. Did they say they would do a sensitivity test to make sure the bugs are susceptible?


CraigM 06-14-2010 11:08 PM

Re: Annie is making the switch to NPH
I'm guessing they used a needle because Annie was only out of my sight for a few minutes and I didn't take in any sample.

Yes, I think he used the term "sensitivity", and my understanding is he wants to select the correct antibiotic to handle everything.

BestBuddy 06-15-2010 12:46 AM

Re: Annie is making the switch to NPH
It sounds like it was a cystocentisis (sample taken straight from the bladder) which is the best way to know exactly what you are dealing with. Usually they do a culture on it to see what grows.:eek: And then they do the sensitivity test to see what kills it.:cool: It just means you know you are getting the right antibiotic for the job and usually there are a couple of options so you get to pick one (with your vet) that suits Annie and any other of her health conditions. It just takes a bit longer sometimes up to a week to get the complete results of the C&S.


eileen 06-15-2010 05:43 AM

Re: Annie is making the switch to NPH
Just this past week my crf kitty was suspected of having a UTI. Vet took a urine sample to be sent to the lab for a culture. In the meanwhile started her on Clavamox until we get the results back to determine a better antibiotic for the job.

In the 4 days waiting for lab results she has shown much improvement altho because e-coli was present vet switched her just yesterday to Baytril. Because she can not be pilled her vet took the injectable form, mixed it with vitamins so to hide the taste and I am now administering it orally.

CarolW 06-15-2010 06:31 AM

Re: Annie is making the switch to NPH
Wow, Eileen; I had no IDEA an injectable drug could be administered orally. Likely, not all injectable druge can - insulin, for instance! yikes!

Anyway, I found your post fascinating! hope your cat continues to improve. Now, Craig, let's get Annie in better shape, too! Wishing you the best, Craig and Annie!

Tue, 15 Jun 2010 06:30:19 (PDT)

CraigM 06-16-2010 11:42 AM

Re: Annie is making the switch to NPH
Annie's update: There were only two "bugs", e-coli and alpha hemolytic steptococci. Vet prescribed Clavamox 125mg, 2 per day for 14 days. Hoping this works and doesn't affect the BG too much. I plan to hide the pill in a small piece of chicken breast.

Patty 06-16-2010 12:03 PM

Re: Annie is making the switch to NPH
That's good Craig. Hoping the Clavamox does the trick.

I always double check dosing online now after one of Ali's UTIs. She was prescribed too low of a dose and wound up with another infection. :(

Clavamox is recommended at 6.25mg/lb of dog every 12 hours. I like that your vet is going 2 full weeks. Hopefully that will clear it without recurrent infection.

Take care,

CraigM 07-04-2010 10:04 AM

Re: Annie is making the switch to NPH
Could change the title to: GETTING TOO SMART, OR LEARNING MANNERS?

Annie has kicked the UTI, but that has caused a small feeding problem. Annie has always been a good eater. Actually, she's been a little piglet. She would dance in circles as I put her bowl down. Then she would seem to "vacuum" the bowl in about 5 seconds. She would eat so fast she would almost gag, NOT good table manners!

During the UTI treatment, I'd hide her pill in a very small piece of chicken breast. No problems. Near the end of the 14 day treatment she stopped the food dance at her bowl and started to dance in front of the refrigerator: wanting the chicken / pill first instead of as desert. I've tried to ween her off the chicken, but she won't have that. She insists on getting a piece of chicken. I've tried being the parent and refuse to give in, but she just ignores her bowl and waits by the refrigerator. I got her to eat yesterday by playing with her bowl, but it took several minutes for her to finish (good manners, no gag). This morning was harder. She would play with me at the bowl (keep away), but ate little. I finally gave in and shredded a bit of chicken and she gobbled everything.

So, I think she has taught me that chicken will be a part of her meals from now on. :)

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