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Vanessa 03-02-2016 09:13 AM

Need help with Ben
Dear all,

I am very glad I stumbled upon this forum as I am in desperate need of information.
My dog, Ben, who is 10/11 years old (cross-breed but looks like a Toy Manchester Terrier) has been disgnosed with disbetes in December, just before Christmas. Today, he is on his death bed. Is it normal?

Our vet started him on a low insulin dose (caninsulin - we are in Europe) and gradually increased it to 8.5 . Ben had been losing weight all this time, refusing to eat Hill's W/d and we started feeding him chicken (refused barley, oats, broccoli, wd canned food, wd dry food soaked in broth). His thirst nver subsided, pees three times / night and sugar levels have remained high (24-21). Last Sunday he started vomiting water as soon as he drank it. We went straight to the vet who put him on an intravenous drip and he r cover d slightly, only to relapse yesterday and he is again on drip.

Our vet is suspecting he has Cushing's disease (tests are underway but will have to wait two weeks for results as they have to be sent to the UK - no analysis is possible where I live). I am suspecting Ben might have Addison's too, which is why I am writing to see if from your experience Addison's can occur with simultaneously with high rather than low blood glucose levels.

The symptoms Ben is showing do not tally completely with all the information I am finding on the Internet for Cushing's (his coat is still velvety and he has no pot belly). I am worried as it seems that for my vet this will be the last attempt to save Ben's life and I am doing my best to leave no stone unturned before that happens.

Do you have any suggestions?

tonyr 03-02-2016 10:17 AM

Re: Need help with Ben
I just wanted to point out he cannot have Cushings and Addisons as they are totally opposite.
Cushings is overproduction of cortisol from the adrenal glands due to high levels of acth from the pituitary which is causing the adrenal glands to produce too much cortisol (steroids).

Addisons are when the adrenal glands dont produce enough cortisol due to say a pituitary tumour or adrenal tumour.

The Cushings is overproduction and Addisons is underproduction of cortisol from the adrenal glands, both display similar symtoms.

Eddie 03-02-2016 10:29 AM

Re: Need help with Ben
Hello and welcome

I'm sorry you are having such a worrying time with Ben.

I don't know much about Cushings etc so I would wait for more expert people on that to comment, but I did just wonder what his weight is as you say he is a toy terrier. I wonder if he is maybe getting a bit too much insulin and his body is reacting to that by pushing his sugar levels up.

On the food question I wonder if you can go back to whatever you used to feed him if he will still eat that. Alternatively we find our dogs will usually prefer wet food mixed with their kibble and cooked eggs if they are in a very picky mood. He needs ideally to get something with some carbohydrate in it, not just protein.

I am sure there will be others with more Cushings experience along soon.


Vanessa 03-02-2016 10:54 AM

Re: Need help with Ben
Thank you for your replies.

Ben's insulin dosage was determined according to his initial weight (he was just over 10kg in December - he lost almsot 2 kg since). He is now getting 1.5 units / 2 hrs.

He was allowed to eat some food this evening, but again he only wanted chicken.

Vet is now not ruling out other underlying tumors. He also told me that Addison's is normally associated with low glucose levels (Ben's are high). It is still unbelievable how fast Ben's health deteriorated. I know I cannot keep giving him intravenous fluids and now time is pressing.

I'll pray he survives the night now.

jesse girl 03-02-2016 12:36 PM

Re: Need help with Ben
my jesse was sick for quite a long time but she pulled though and has been doing will for sometime

for some pups just have more of a difficult path but more many newly diabetics it can take 2 to 3 months with just gtting back to more normal behavior

fingers and paws crossed for some improvement in just feeling a bit better

Magoo's Mom 03-02-2016 01:05 PM

Re: Need help with Ben
Hi and so sorry to hear about Ben. Did the vet do a full blood panel when he was dx? Surprisingly many dogs are allergic to chicken. We had a terrible time with Magoo vomiting, listless, not eating, until we discovered he was allergic to chicken. Feed him Royal Canine Gastro low fat. He also gets some well cooked, very well drained (rolled in paper towels and dried) bison. Very lean and highly digestible. Hills used to make a product called a/d (not sure if they still do)which was in small cans and very soft and really stinky and easily digestible. Used it a lot with my previous dog who had IBS, diabetes, chronic pancreatitis, etc. Scrambled egg is also good or baby food. Small amount of mashed baked sweet potato mixed with some food might also be worth a try. I have also used tuna water with his food. You might try hand feeding small amounts and see if he can keep it down. Prayers are with you. Hope he is better soon.

amydunn19 03-02-2016 06:15 PM

If he doesn't look like a Cushings dog, he likely isn't. Most cushings dogs have the physical attributes. The problem is uncontrolled diabetics do have many of the same symptoms.

It sounds like your dog has pancreatitis - can you get a second opinion?

tonyr 03-03-2016 05:27 AM

Re: Need help with Ben
I would second that and change vets if needed.
If he is a decent vet and knows something about diabetes then that would seem an obvious first check
How is he today.

Vanessa 03-03-2016 06:41 AM

Re: Need help with Ben
Dear all,

We managed to survive and Ben is actually much better today. He wagged his tail when a family member visited to see him and ate his chicken willingly in the morning. He will be getting royal canin as from his next meal.

He is now on 4iu/6 hrs.
Vet said Ben has some alcaline phosphates in blood that could point to cushing's. I have to do more research on this, so cannot tell.
Ben is still getting intravenous fluids - otherwise he vomits immediately. Glucose levels at 29 today, but they were HI yesterday, so there has been some improvement.
Can this be a severe case of ketoacidosis? Are there any pet parents with experience of this who can share some advice? I am going to keep him on intravenous fluids for as long as he needs it - we are with him 24/7, and we are ready to do anything that can save him, as long as he still responds.

MikeMurphy 03-03-2016 08:15 AM

Re: Need help with Ben

Originally Posted by amydunn19 (Post 153139)
If he doesn't look like a Cushings dog, he likely isn't. Most cushings dogs have the physical attributes. The problem is uncontrolled diabetics do have many of the same symptoms.

It sounds like your dog has pancreatitis - can you get a second opinion?

Agree with Amy here. It sure sounds like pancreatitis. Many of our pups have gone through this as it is very common with diabetic dogs.

Has your vet tested for pancreatitis?

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