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kevbo887 11-15-2014 01:20 PM

Ace - Maltese diagnosed 11/2014
Hello, first id like to introduce myself, im new here and very concerned. My 6 year old maltese, Ace, has been acting strange the past month. Drinking a lot of water, and peeing nonstop, even in the house, which he rarely ever does. We thought maybe a uti so we took him to the vet yesterday and they did a urinalysis. No results yet on the culture, but they did say he had glucose in his urine, but no ketones. Vet says its definitely diabetes and we should get a blood test on tuesday to confirm it.

Im very very concerned for my best buddy, so I checked his blood glucose today with my one touch. It was 204. Not sure if thats high for a dog, but he is now on an antibiotic in case it is a uti (taken 3 pills so far) so not sure if that has anything to do in raising his blood sugar.

Other than the drinking of water and urinating, he shows no other signs or symptoms of diabetes. I will admit, he eats way to many dog treats (what can I say, hes a good boy!) and occasionally chicken or steak pieces if we have it for dinner.

Now heres my main question, what are the chances hes not actually diabetic, and the higher glucose levels are from the uti? Also, if it is diabetes, would that number of 204, require insulin, or just no more cookies for my boy and a diet change?

Thank you all so much, like I said im very nervous, and Tuesday cant come soon enough, my poor buddy.

kevbo887 11-15-2014 05:25 PM

Re: possibly diabetic maltese!?
Should note the antibiotic he is on is clavamox 125mg twice a day.

I took his blood glucose an hour after his dinner and meal. Was 227.

Question is, could a uti and medicine raise his blood glucose to this level?

Also, he has some anxiety issues, and pretty jealous of my 7 month old daughter.

Thanks all, im just so worried about my boy.

amydunn19 11-15-2014 06:21 PM

Re: possibly diabetic maltese!?
Hi and welcome to our forum! You might not get many responses as weekends are kind of slow around here but some others will be around to say hello.

Chances are not great that your vet was wrong about the diabetes diagnosis. Dogs typically are type 1 diabetics, unlike cats, so diet probably didn't cause it and certainly won't fix it. A normal functioning pancreas normally wouldn't allow a UTI to raise the body's blood glucose. So, I would imagine his pancreas has some type of damage at this point. Some unspayed females get a type of diabetes that can be "cured" by having them spayed but not always. The good news is his blood sugar isn't terribly high but you don't have much to go on except a couple of tests so you don't know how high he is going yet.

The other bit of good news is that diabetes is totally doable - it does require some structure to your schedule. Dogs can live normal lives with diabetes - my dog has been diagnosed 7 years now. Once you get your dog on a feeding schedule and insulin, they start feeling better and life goes on as before. They are susceptible to UTI's and pancreatitis so it is essential to keep a handle on their blood sugar and not to feed them really fatty snacks and food. We can help and this forum has lots of great information about diabetes. I would say just read some of the stories and information. Knowledge is power so learn as much as you can now and you will be ahead.

Grayson 11-15-2014 06:32 PM

Re: possibly diabetic maltese!?
Test him again about four or more hours from his meal, when he's had some time to digest and convert it to drive up his blood glucose level...that'll show you just how high its likely going. The one touch is the closest human meter to the animal designed Alphatrak, but the results you're getting will be lower than his actual BG is with the vets meter. Many here use the one touch or Relion brand as cheaper ways to spot check and monitor levels, then some do a curve with an Alphatrak so they don't need to convert results to find the true BG. Infections of any type can mess with the numbers, as can the medications used to treat them - either up or down, you can't be sure of the real numbers until its cleared up or ruled out.

As for the treats, we can all understand giving in to those eyes! You being liberal with treats did not cause him to become diabetic. It is a disease of the endocrine system that happens to even the most fit and well fed dogs. You are NOT to blame, so don't feel like its your fault! Giving steak or chicken is not a bad treat option as proteins are less likely to raise numbers than biscuits or any regular doggie chew. If he will eat veggies, you can use green beans or broccoli to treat him - we give straight from the freezer as he likes the crunch.

Try to keep calm and wait for your vet check on Tuesday. If there are no ketones, he should be fine to go for a few more days before you begin treatment. Take some time here to read and inform yourself on what you can do to get on the path to regulated BG levels. If you've got questions, there is always someone here on the forum that will be ready to help you out.

jesse girl 11-15-2014 06:47 PM

Re: possibly diabetic maltese!?
yes the 204 is not very high and may point to your pup is still producing some insulin . if he wasnt blood sugar would be much higher . my jesse was diagnosed with blood sugar in the 600s

you do need more testing and not just one test at the vets to determine a diagnosis . in this situation i may do multiple tests throughout the day (curve ) before jumping into a dose of insulin . if these numbers remained in the 200s and lower the normal starting dose might need to be allot lower or not give any at all . some dogs on the forum can only get blood sugar in the 200s and higher with injected insulin

there could be some pancreatic problems going on affecting how insulin is produces and something to look into

glad your testing it will help to figure this out

kevbo887 11-15-2014 06:53 PM

Re: possibly diabetic maltese!?
Thank you all for your kind responses I really appreciate it.

This was just an overwhelming thing to go on with my current life (becoming a father, suffering a brain injury that has caused permanent damage, being out of work) its been a long year needless to say.

Luckily he loves carrots and blueberries, so that can hopefully help maintain some treat rewards for him. I have some chicken dethawing that I will cook and cut up as an occassional reward, and part of his meals. Decided Ill be doing a lot of home cooking for his food after doing some internet research.

I look forward to reading through this forum for some helpful information!

Also, as an update, I took his blood sugar again and it was 201. Also one thing to notice is after being on the meds for a little bit, his drinking and urinating was back to normal today. (one and a half bowls of water, and 4 urinations) Lately he was going to urinate 10+ times a day, and drinking multiple bowls of water. Not sure what it means, but Tuesday still cant come soon enough.

Once again, thank you all who have responded thus far, it has helped to settle me down quite a bit. :)

Charlie's mom 11-15-2014 07:21 PM

Re: possibly diabetic maltese!?
Welcome to you and Ace!

Deep breaths, this is totally doable! EveryOne on this forum was once a newbie, and we all understand the range of emotions you are experiencing now. If you're already testing you'll be very comfortable with the injections in a surprisingly short time.

As you may have read in all of our threads most of us purchase our insulin at Walmart, as well as our syringes. Many vets prescribe Humulin which can be over $80 a bottle, Walmart's Humulin N is less than $25.


Grayson 11-15-2014 07:37 PM

Re: possibly diabetic maltese!?
I'm not sure about the blueberries, but I do know that carrots are actually high in natural sugars. Grayson used to get carrots every day before his diagnosis, but now he only gets the lower carb veggies - green beans, broccoli, cauliflower and some peas - all straight from the freezer. If Ace likes cheese, you might try a tiny bit of low fat mozzarella, etc. My boy has radar for the sound of the zip close on the bag of shredded cheese. He still gets a pinch of it a couple times in a week, so he isn't totally deprived... :D

kevbo887 11-16-2014 07:18 AM

Re: possibly diabetic maltese!?
Realized I made a mistake on my last post. It was 291, not 201.
Took it first thing this morning and it was 160.

Thanks again all. Going to try some homemade cooking for him today!

farrwf 11-16-2014 07:59 AM

Re: possibly diabetic maltese!?
Good morning and welcome to the best place on the planet for K9 diabetes information, advice and fellowship.

Ace's B/G numbers aren't real high, so running the course with the antibiotics, then evaluating seems to make sense. From what you've stated, I'm guessing he is diabetic. The antibiotic is likely having some impact on his numbers, as well.

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