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Believer81 04-15-2020 07:36 AM

Setback after dog had an UTI
My dog has been diabetic for around 5 years and have had relatively no problems and takes 13 Ventolin twice a day. Recently, had a setback and when taken to Vet as he wasn't eating, etc. his count was 52 and he had an UTI. They did not, of course, want me to give him insulin that night and had him on antibiotics, and reduced him to 7 units, once a day. He got better fast, but then started wanting to eat much more and drink far too much. Called vet and said he probably should get twice a day shots. Had vet doing readings again and went twice a day. He was better, but started same again. In again and raised the dosage to 8 units. Same thing so I started to 9 units on my own and bringing him back to vet tomorrow. I believe he needs to go back to before he got the UTI, like 12 or 13, but will see what vet says. It is so hard to not let him have so much water, but vomiting and urination during the night has become very troublesome so I have secluded him (with another dog) to the garage where he can go in and outside, but have taken up the water that he can get to and go around him once an hour and let him have several sips, then cut it off. This has really been upsetting to do for me and it kills me to have him look at me constantly for water. Has anyone else had a situation like this?

Riliey and Mo 04-15-2020 01:05 PM

Re: Setback after dog had an UTI
no i havent had this situation but if i had of i.d take my dog to a vet.
antiobiotics play havic on blood sugar. this may be the problem. also too many changes in insulin. food. and water are causing a problem. which could cause vomiting.
he.s in trouble.
water is essential to flush watever out.
how much does he weigh? what food given? how much?

jesse girl 04-15-2020 05:59 PM

Re: Setback after dog had an UTI
Now If you know for sure the UTI is gone ( symptoms can mimic diabetic symptoms ) and you are showing diabetic symptoms then your dog is probably not getting enough insulin . Now was the dramatic reduction in the dose based off the 52 without any collaborating numbers with a complete curve ? If so then that larger reduction may have been premature . If your not testing at home I would recommend to do it and you could avoid things like this in the future knowing exactly what is going on with blood sugar and not move to a panic response and could be more methodical on how to adjust the dose based on a complete curve . From what i have seen with my jesse for her diabetic life once regulated her dose has not changed much

Believer81 04-16-2020 05:43 PM

Re: Setback after dog had an UTI
I wanted to pick Jesse up from the vet before answering. The 52 was done late in the afternoon and said he had a UTI and that is when they told me Not to give me a dose that evening and do the antibiotic which he needed to drink water at that point to flush infection out. After being on that he wanted to eat and drink more so I went back in and had him tested as I said I believe he needed to get on 2 shots again, at which point his test start at 636 before insulin of 7 in the morning, so went to 2 shots at 7. Called and took in again the next week and said I thought it needed to be upped and then it went to 2 at 8 units. Then he was just drinking like crazy and I took him up to 9 and went and this morning his beginning before insulin was 389 and at 126 at 2:00 and same at 4:00 so vet said just keep it at 9 and see. So far he has not been aggressive towards having to have water and he actually slept thru last night. Yesterday, I would let him have 4-5 gulps once and hour and so far he's only had 2 times and is sleeping (probably tired from all day vet) so am watching him carefully and will go from there. Besides his beginning of diabetes and only 1 other time where he had a uti, his diabetes has been pretty consistent at 12-13. Glad to have him home, but mom is tired and I also have a Lab too to take care of and make sure she gets water!

jesse girl 04-16-2020 06:41 PM

Re: Setback after dog had an UTI
The 126 would tell you to hold the dose at 9 units and not go any higher at least for now .

Test test test when things get out of whack and once things settle down you maybe able to move back into your normal routine . It is possible the dose maybe a tad to high but the body was able to adapt to that . So you could possibly end up with giving less insulin

keep up the good work

Believer81 04-17-2020 06:09 AM

Re: Setback after dog had an UTI
Well, it is still early and he still wants water, but not as adamant thus far so still just letting him have a little once an hour. Much dew this morning so he licked the entire bottom edge of my deck railings. Is there a specific type of home testing that you would recommend? I have tried to understand all the readings, but not the easiest thing. I've got a chart printed out that shows the start (where you gave 1st shot) and it shows 250 then climbs down to a low of 100 and then starts climbing back up again to 250 (says time for next shot). Jesse's start (as I've been getting copies of his readings) shows 389 and after 2 hours of shot, reads 229 and goes down accordingly with lowest mid-day 119, then back up to 126 before time for next shot. If there is a "dummy for dog diabetes" please let me know. Like I've said, he has been on 12 to 13 units twice a day for at least a couple of years.

Raysaint 04-17-2020 10:43 AM

Re: Setback after dog had an UTI
I think you've got some good from advice from others. The dramatic decrease in insulin probably let his sugar get high, which will cause excessive thirst.

Not giving insulin just because of antibiotics, never heard of that. Testing and adjusting insulin maybe, but every time you don't give an insulin shot, sugars will go high.

You don't need a dummies book, just test with a meter and record the numbers to help show you the sugar pattern over a 12 hour period. A curve isn't a bad idea, it'll show you the low point, which you know you base a dose adjustment on. But a curve might be deceiving if you keep changing the dose too often.

You'd don't need to test every hour but while on the antibiotics, check fastings and a couple other spot checks to see if any extremes.

Riliey and Mo 04-17-2020 03:15 PM

Re: Setback after dog had an UTI
glad you asked about home testing.
you just need the right tools and watch a blood sugar testing video.
i used the purple dog glucose meter looks my advair. i bought the glucose strips and lancets. i tested on his upper lip.
others will be in to tell you more

k9diabetes 05-06-2020 02:31 PM

Re: Setback after dog had an UTI
There is quite a bit of general information on the main website, plus links to additional resources: http://www.k9diabetes.com


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