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MisterAlan 05-01-2020 01:48 PM

Dog diagnosed with diabetes 4/28/20
Hi guys.

Cloud was diagnosed 4/28 with diabetes mellitus. He seems to have lost use of his hind legs the week end and i called in for a dog visit to his normal vet. There they did a blood work and sent me to the hospital and we found out he had diabetes. As far as his weakness in legs goes they needed more test which i cant afford, to find out whats wrong. I payed for a consult from the surgeon and he evaluated it to be ivdd, infection of disc, or other cause without the scans. I just find it weird if i missed signs of this or was the diabetes that i neglected to see caused his legs to give out or something. He was on prednisone for his chronic skin condition so the doctor assumes the prednisone was holding back his leg and spine pain but might have caused the trigger for his diabetes. Hes home at the moment resting on an orthopedic bed i bought for him. I currently aid him in getting up with a towel under his hind legs and he can move around for 1 min - 2 mins. They put him on Gabapentin 300mg capsules 2 every 8 hours so i believe this is helping with his pain for walking. The first day i had him home his breathing was fine and he slept throughout the night without any problems and seemed alert whenever he was awake. However last night his breathing started to rise and up till now he is breathing a bit harder. He is urinating normally from what i can see 2 times so far since waking up and not alot of water consumption like previously. He seems to be able to get up on his own when hes laying ontop of foam mats i had laid out in the living room however once hes on the tiles or laminate flooring he cant get back up and whines for me to help him up. Sometimes he just whines but doesnt want to move which im assuming he is depressed at how suddenly he cant move anymore like he did ,not even a week ago. He seems to be eating well the first night but now hes starting to not want to eat the food prescribed to him hes eating it decreasing at about 10% each time. Canned hills w/d 2 and 1/2 can a day. Currently i have some questions if anyone can help me out if possible thank you.
1.His eating has never been a problem but my parents spoiled him by giving him table scraps before and he still ate his own food but only after we eat. Is there anyway to make him want to eat a new diet by adding a topping to make him open up to it.
2.My parents have a hard time declining his advances when eating so i was wondering are there certains snacks or a boiled meat we can let him snack on in between his 12 hours meals. Cant give chicken due to his skin allergies.
3.His recent increased in respiratory rate is it due to his BG not being low as when i picked him up or is it him being a bit stressed due to his new problems.
4.Any foods can anyone recommend i try out that works well for diabetic dogs. I plan on getting him down to a lower weight due to his mobility problems so him eating less is okay but him eating nothing at all is a problem when 12 hours swings around.
5.His hind legs does anyone else have a problem like this? where it just so coincidentally happens at the same time.

Thank you guys for your help i will probably here for quite a while.

k9diabetes 05-02-2020 11:11 PM

Re: Dog diagnosed with diabetes 4/28/20
My apologies for taking a little while to approve your membership. Your posts wouldn't show up until I did that.

Was his blood sugar very high when diagnosed?

Weeks at very high blood sugar can cause a temporary loss of communication over the spine that usually clears up once the blood sugar is controlled.

And lower blood sugar levels can do the same if there are other problems with the spine. The high blood sugar problem layers over those and makes them worse.

How much does he weigh?

What is his current insulin dose in units and is it once a day or twice?

Prednisone can also induce temporary diabetes and permanent diabetes. He's off that now?

Even if the diabetes is independent of the prednisone, the prednisone will raise his blood sugar.


MisterAlan 05-03-2020 06:49 AM

Re: Dog diagnosed with diabetes 4/28/20
From the report I got from the hospital the highest recorded was 488 I believe and when he was returned to me it was 159. I havenít got hold of a BG meter yet so was wondering what type I should get. Currently heís on vetsulin 7 unit twice a day. And weights 80.5 lbs. He is off prednisone now and will have to talk to the vet to see an alternative to it for his chronic skin condition. Currently heís eating and drinking normally Iíd say since I donít have a meter yet, however he seems to be panting a lot after I feed him and given his insulin. Also at nights Iím not sure if itís because I had him at the hospital and heís got anxiety from being there but he wonít sleep easily at nights now but he doesnít need to potty or drink but is just restless. Thank you for your assistance.

jesse girl 05-03-2020 07:36 AM

Re: Dog diagnosed with diabetes 4/28/20
Hi and welcome

The dose at 7 units is a low staring dose which normally for an 80 pound dog would be about 16 units . Now seeing a number at 159 with such a low dose may point to Natalie's comment about temporary diabetes from taking the steroid . Once the steroid is removed sometimes blood sugar goes back to normal . Now the problem for you is you may not catch this because of not testing sugar at home . The uncomfortable feeling at night and the heavy breathing can point to sugar going low or going to high . They have pet meters which can be expensive for the strips which is generally the larger cost of testing . Human meter are allot cheaper depending on the brand . I have used a discount human meter for jesse for her 10 years of being diabetic and never used a pet meter.I have tried maybe 6 human meters and had similar results but its not going to be perfect and it doesnt have to be as they become more accurate at lower levels when you really need to know .

Another thing to look into with weight problems and skin condition is a missed thyroid problem and you may want to check on that as there are different tests that can miss a diagnosis depending on what you get . They say methyl b-12 can help with leg weakness . Ask any question and search the site and read read read . Education is your best way to get your dog back to normal and diabetes will not prevent that as most who have come to the forum got their dogs back to normal with some limitations and you enter a new normal . Also managing diabetes at home is not expensive .

The prescription foods seem to do well for blood sugar but some dogs get tired of it . Many do use toppers . My jesse gets a homemade human grade food so she is always happy to eat . She likes yeast flakes as her topper which is a replacement for cheese but many sprinkle Parmesan cheese maybe add some boiled chicken . You can add most anything that your dog may like as long as you keep it consistent . Most times you may want to hold off snack until regulated and you want to keep the dog motivated to eat at mealtime and once regulated you maybe able to relax that .Now its not required to feed prescription food and many dont.

MisterAlan 05-03-2020 08:32 AM

Re: Dog diagnosed with diabetes 4/28/20
Thanks for the quick reply’s. I forgot to mention he has thyroid problems and has been on meds for it. As far as his weight goes I’m trying to get it down to 70 to help with his mobility problems and I will look into he b 12vitamins. He seems to be full of energy now but is extremely bored and agitated due to his mobility lose so sudden. As far as feeding goes I have the hardest time in the mornings so far he isn’t interested but boy is he alert when the family starts eating. So atleast I know he has an appetite. Since he has skin problems I can’t feed him chicken because it will trigger skin problems so I was wondering if I could steam fish toppings for him and just mix in the broth with the dry food he eats. I’ve searched a lot online about homemade food and I might have to go hat route eventually because for his entire life my parents spoil him whenever I’m not home so he’s use to it and now I have to regulate him lol tempter tantrum time for atleast few months. Ive been trying to budget his new lifestyle in and I’m wondering if there’s certain sites y’all recommend I can get nice deals from on. Thank you again. As far as shots go it seems he doesn’t even care so I guess I’m lucky there ,from the stories and videos I’ve seen so far. Also is there a certain brand of BG meter that is good for me to get?

jesse girl 05-03-2020 09:31 AM

Re: Dog diagnosed with diabetes 4/28/20
Sounds like your off to a good start . Like I said I use a discount meter which is the prodigy auto code . It works for jesse but not sure about any other dog . I have used the relion meter from walmart with similar results .The one touch ultra gets good reviews and has a good track record . I have used it and had similar results to my other meters . Remember its not going to be perfect and you need to make sure you get enough blood for a sample for the meter to work correctly . Usually larger breeds are easier . I have used jesses inner lip for her entire diabetic life to get a blood sample . Practice tests could help with that even before you get a meter and lance device by just rolling up the lip and maybe wiping with a napkin .I Buy all my strips on eBay and usually get about 600 strips as quantity can save . They say the methyl version of b-12 is best but there is no set procedure on dosing . Remember it takes full curves to make dose adjustments and that is based on the lowest number in that curve

Fish is good My jesse gets canned mackerel and just loves it . I think she is the reincarnation of my cat as a child as she is more cat like than dog haha

MisterAlan 05-03-2020 03:23 PM

Re: Dog diagnosed with diabetes 4/28/20
I was doing my normal routine today and my dog was laying in his bed while his heads raised up and i noticed is was twitching or shaking which im assuming he is seizing up. i dont have a meter yet so i just gave him some karo corn syrup and fed him a little bit of food and he seems to be doing okay now. Im wondering if hes going through some low blood sugars at the moment. ive set up a vet visit for tomorrow because he seems fine now but after reading the replies im wondering if it truly was the prednisone that made him go temporary diabetic and now the insuline shots are uneeded or need to be lowered.

jesse girl 05-03-2020 06:50 PM

Re: Dog diagnosed with diabetes 4/28/20
Good Idea

Like I suggested 7 units is a tiny dose for an 80 pound dog and seeing mid 100s for blood sugar

Maybe the only way to truly find out is maybe go off of insulin for a few days . Actually jesses second vet said that maybe something to try early in her diagnosis as she was on a tiny dose . We went a couple days off insulin and symptoms returned with higher sugar and went back to injected insulin . She remained on insulin but her regulation dose was slightly lower than a normal starting dose for her weight . Some dogs just need less insulin and not sure why . Your dog may also fall into this category or still producing some of his own insulin which is called a honeymoon period .

MisterAlan 05-03-2020 08:59 PM

Re: Dog diagnosed with diabetes 4/28/20
I have a question about a diabetic dog after they've eaten and taken their insulin shots. Do they seem more energized after a few minutes or do they go back to being normal or sleepy?

jesse girl 05-04-2020 06:25 AM

Re: Dog diagnosed with diabetes 4/28/20
My jesse early in her diagnosis would be lethargic after when insulin started kicking in at about 1.5 hours and still does on occasion but its hard to tell if the insulin is causing it as dogs nap but what i have noticed if its a hard nap and it just looks like its knocking them out then I believe it could be the action of the injected insulin . When your testing blood sugar at home you maybe able to correlate that.

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