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Riliey and Mo 08-07-2013 10:15 AM

Re: My Monster Vinny
Lol, sorry lol

CraigM 08-07-2013 10:20 AM

Re: My Monster Vinny
Don't feel bad! There are soooo many test strips!


Abby's Mom 08-07-2013 03:26 PM

Re: My Monster Vinny
I have done this, on many things. Thinking I got the right ones, and ended up with the wrong ones!!

maladuca 08-12-2013 05:55 PM

Re: My Monster Vinny
Hi Mel! How is Vinny doing lately? Still good numbers I hope!


Monsters Momma 08-13-2013 07:09 AM

Re: My Monster Vinny
Margaret...I just got new testing strips yesterday! A week without them makes you think there's something wrong with your dog every day! ;)

We're back on track! Hope Teddy isn't any worse for wear from last night!

Monsters Momma 08-14-2013 05:46 AM

Re: My Monster Vinny
I think I have a problem...Vinny's bg after 1.5 hours was 321 this morning which is a little high for him. Fifteen minutes after I tested him, he ate Pop Tarts! :eek: Geez, I hate to see how much sugar is in those!!

Then after my panic attack about that, I couldn't remember giving him his shot this morning! :( I think I did, I'm pretty sure I did, but I had just gotten up and really can't remember.

I think I'm just in panic mode right now! :o

First, is there anything I can do to counteract the Pop Tarts?
Second, if his sugar skyrockets because of this, what do I look for?
Third... I can't remember #3.

Abby's Mom 08-14-2013 05:51 AM

Re: My Monster Vinny
Sounds like you are having a rough start this morning.....;)

If you do not remember, then I would not give a shot... Higher blood sugar for short term is better than low blood sugar. Let it ride, and go back to your normal routine this evening.

Exercise may help to lower blood sugar.

Hopefully your day gets better.


Monsters Momma 08-14-2013 06:23 AM

Re: My Monster Vinny
Thanks Barb...I think I've calmed down now. :)

Let me ask a couple more questions...

I've noticed that since we went up to 18.5 units bid, Vinny seems to have more of an appetite, losing weight and drinking more. I couldn't test him because of my ordering snafu, but do you think this means he's running a bit high?

I tested him last night before dinner at 242 and this morning after eating at 321. I am going to do a curve on him this weekend and take him to the vet to weigh him. The last curve I did on him at 18.5 units his highest number after fasting was 268.

What else should I be doing? I have not checked his urine, but should I? And how exactly do you do that? ;)

Ok, I think that's it... ;)

Emily 08-14-2013 06:51 AM

Re: My Monster Vinny
Pop Tarts.....they are delicious :D Glad you guys made it through ok :)

I initially started testing Elliot w/ urine strips b/c I didn't know blood testing at home was an option. Looking back...it really didn't give me much useful info...so I'm lucky that Elliot allowed me to transition to blood without much of a fight.

If you do want to check urine....I just followed Elliot around the yard with a small plastic dish. You don't need much at all. I tried get a mid-stream sample :) Then you just dip the test strip and count to 30. Just remember....the bladder is a holding tank and is giving you information over hours of time rather than the "exact" snap shot that blood gives you.

I've been having trouble with Elliot's fasting numbers, too. I can't seem to get them lower than upper 300's/low 400's. Just made a diet change.....so I'm hoping that does the trick.

Good luck with Vinny!

Judi 08-14-2013 07:36 AM

Re: My Monster Vinny
you've had a rough morning! it may take him a day or so to settle down but he will. little stinker!

A lot of people use a long handled ladle if they have one. my vet made something like that using a yardstick. Jenny is so small I just push a disposable pan under her if I can.

do you have strips? hang in there. Judi

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