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k9diabetes 07-18-2011 04:32 PM

Re: Jenny 11 y/o Poodle
Our diabetic dog was very sensitive to many medications - perhaps Jenny is the same.

But especially given her unusual responses, I would want to keep a close watch on her cortisol levels and I'm glad you're getting an ACTH test done.

If she doesn't actually have Cushing's disease, then it wouldn't take much for treatment of it to push her over into Addison's (low cortisol).

I know you will keep a close eye on things and I know all of the conflicting opinions are confusing.

I'm as cautious as I am about Cushing's diagnoses and treatment because I've seen plenty of cases where the diagnosis was wrong. It's less concerning when there are overt symptoms of Cushing's disease. Have seen a few dogs who didn't have any symptoms and it was very alarming to see them put on such powerful medications.


Abby's Mom 07-18-2011 09:05 PM

Re: Jenny 11 y/o Poodle
How is Jenny feeling these days. Have you been able to successfully test at home?

I think of you guys often, and hope everything is well. This Thursday, you will be going for more testing. Crossing fingers, toes, and paws.

Judi 07-19-2011 05:46 AM

Re: Jenny 11 y/o Poodle

Originally Posted by Abby's Mom (Post 51287)
How is Jenny feeling these days. Have you been able to successfully test at home?

I think of you guys often, and hope everything is well. This Thursday, you will be going for more testing. Crossing fingers, toes, and paws.

I'm still a miserable failure at the home testing. gah! Jenny is feeling good. When she did the obstacle course at the eye doctor's she jumped over the last box into my arms instead of going around it! pretty good for an old poodle who has been spending way too much time at vet's offices!

I hope Abby is feeling better today and that they get to the bottom of this!

Judi & Jenny

Abby's Mom 07-19-2011 01:41 PM

Re: Jenny 11 y/o Poodle
Jenny was happy to see you.... could probably feel you "routing" her on. Home testing takes a bit of patience, but it can be done.

Hang in there.
Kisses and Hugs

Judi 07-21-2011 04:27 PM

Re: Jenny 11 y/o Poodle
Jenny Update:

First I want to thank everyone for all of your advice even when I don't always take it. I feel torn because Jenny is feeling and acting so much better and I told this vet he is the guy. And then I want to tweak every single thing he advises.

So I understand if nobody wants to share an opinion with me anymore.

Last week, after her curve Jenny's vet wanted to increase her from 6 units twice a day to 7. Everyone around here and me in my gut felt that that was too much. So, for a couple of days I did 6 1/2. We had scheduled to go in for another curve today and I started thinking I told this vet I'd go with his advice, made my husband stay home to keep an eye on Jenny, and did the 7 units the last several days.

I had called and told them I was requesting an ACTH test be done today as well. I didn't put it as a question, just a request.

When the vet called me this afternoon he hadn't done the ACTH test. He said we will be doing one on Jenny in 2 weeks as that will be her one month mark on maintenance of her Lysodern but if I wanted it done earlier he would do it but we'd still do it in 2 weeks. That was why I had asked him to do it today (frustrated). He is 50 miles away so it isn't like I can just drop her off tomorrow, plus she has had 7 or 8 all day stays at the vets since her diagnosis in May.

So, I wimped out and am waiting till August 5th for that test.

Jenny didn't have any reaction to her Lysodern this week at all and here are her latest blood sugar readings from today's curve:

8 am fasting: 112 (they fed her and gave her 7 units)
10 am 104
12 noon 139
2 pm 122

Prior curves for comparison:

7/6/2011 5 units of insulin twice a day for a week

given insulin and 1/2 can of W/D at 6:05

8:13 304
10:09 338
12:06 416 they fed her lunch
2:20 497
4:10 511

7/14/2011 6 units of insulin twice a day for a week

8:00 am fasting 277
fed 1/3 can W/d and given 6 units of insulin
10:00 276
12:00 234
2:00 249
4:00 234

so, she got her morning insulin late today and while her vet thinks her new #'s are "perfect" I know around here they seem a little low. I am holding off on the food and insulin tonight and I am only going to give her 5 units.

I want her back on her 6 am and 6 pm schedule but with her levels right at 100 I don't want overlap

I'm gonna go back to 6 1/2 units too, maybe change it up and work some more on home testing.

Jenny has been more playful and chipper this week than she has been in a long long time so I know she feels good. I just hope I don't screw things up for her and she can stay that way

sorry for the length and thanks for all of the information even when I don't always act on it.


k9diabetes 07-21-2011 04:48 PM

Re: Jenny 11 y/o Poodle
Judi... as long as Jenny is doing as well as you say, then it's obvious that you are making great decisions for her.

Please understand that raising a worry or concern or prior experience is just that - mentioning it in case it becomes relevent. I, for example, much prefer that people know that there are risks involved with cataract surgery. I don't want it to happen to their dog - not by any means - but I also don't want someone to be blindsided by a complication that can occur in as many as 1 out of 10 cataract surgeries. So I'm going to make sure you know about any risks I'm aware of. The same thing applies to Cushing's diagnoses and insulin doses. And then I hope like heck it was useless information you will never need. :)

As far as Jenny goes...

I think her numbers on 7 units are lovely. Yes, they are right on the margin, but the margin is designed with a safety cushion in it. She's nowhere near low blood sugar. So I would have no problem leaving her at 7 units. If her blood sugar spent any significant time below 100, I would feel that the dosage was slightly too high and would opt for 6.5 or 6.75 if using syringes with half unit marks.

Your concern and ours about going from 6 to 7 units is of course just being cautious - not a guarantee it would be too much. Her levels on 7 units, I think, both validate that giving her 7 was okay and also validate the concern you had and we had that it could be too much for her. It's not an issue of wrong or right... it's all pretty much educated guessing and then waiting to see if your dog decides to make you look silly! ;)

The fact that she's playful and chipper tells me her cortisol level is most likely fine, so I also see no problem with waiting to do the ACTH.

If her behavior were to change and she acted lethargic or weak, I'd want her cortisol checked right away.

This all looks like really good news to me.


Judi 07-21-2011 05:07 PM

Re: Jenny 11 y/o Poodle
Thank you Natalie, for everything. This website and the folks who share info has been a life source for me. I am truly grateful.

I also feel blessed that so far we are not facing the major issues that so many around here have had to deal with. (knocking wood)


Abby's Mom 07-22-2011 06:37 AM

Re: Jenny 11 y/o Poodle

Jenny's numbers look great, and what a difference in her numbers since she has been on Lysodern. You always so such high numbers before and couldn't get them down. Sounds like you are on a really good path.

Abby and I are cheering you and Jenny on.

PS: I agree with you, I have found this forum to be my lifeline. It is great to discuss your concerns, and come back with questions to your vet.

Judi 07-25-2011 06:12 AM

Re: Jenny 11 y/o Poodle
Friday night I did something that made Jenny's shot hurt. She & I were both upset.

I usually give her her shot towards the end of her meal and I had changed from using the scruff of her neck to kind of above the front legs after reading here.

No more using a needle twice. Things have gone ok since then but she isn't a sweetheart about it like she was before. Hopefully it is just a trust issue. I keep telling her how wonderful she is!

I had been feeding them too much and have cut back so she may be doubly unhappy that I am interrupting her food time since she is already on a diet.

Wish me luck this week. I had the bevel up, had warmed it, don't know what I did wrong but it took 3 tries to get her dose into her after I hurt her.

big sigh. Judi

kitrose08 07-25-2011 06:51 AM

Re: Jenny 11 y/o Poodle
I also hurt Hattie a couple of times when I gave her the shot.I was injecting her in the neck area..she started crying and it kind of scared me, and made me nervous to give her the shot.I switched to the side area and she hasn't whimpered or acted like I hurt her..I was very relieved.I thought , boy I messed this ordeal up!..I guess she just didn't like me messing with her neck..Hattie is so easy going so I must have hurt her...Good luck to you and Jenny...You'll be fine!

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