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Default Kitty Gus - July 1996 - April 1, 2011

I've been concerned about our cat Gus (the autistic one) for about a month because of a limp and his pelvis feeling bony, like he had lost muscle mass there. We gave him a week on Metacam and he seemed more or less okay. I thought maybe he injured his leg.

But last week he looked rugged. This weekend my husband and I both noted his ungroomed fur and general look of not feeling well, plus he had lost still more weight in his hips, which are extremely thin and bony now, and is still favoring the right hind leg. I learned at the vet yesterday that he lost almost a pound in four weeks.

So we had bloodwork done yesterday, which showed high levels of calcium plus calcium oxalate crystals were in his urine.

He's in today being checked stem to stern with ultrasound and x-rays - most likely candidates are a parathyroid gland tumor or lymphoma...

We are waiting for word from the tests and then will pick him up this afternoon - he had to be anesthetized for the procedures as he's not cooperative, so he has to recover from that before we can bring him home.

I'm so worried about him... He's the gray one in this picture. His sister Katie is in the middle and Winky, who passed on in 2005, is on the right.


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