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Default Re: Kitty Gus is sick

The vet just called. They sampled some tissue from the spleen, maybe liver.... not sure where else. He says it isn't screaming lymphoma but there are some suggestions that it might be, like more lymphocytes than they would expect, and they are sending the samples to a pathologist to review. Gus should be ready to come home in about three hours.

The good news for Gus is he wants me to push calories.

Gus has been on a diet but seems not to be eating enough lately. So I'm to feed him as much as he will eat and hopefully we won't have to put in a feeding tube to get some calories back into him. He says he's seeing some fat in the liver, suggesting Gus has not eaten as much as he should.

I know Katie has been cleaning up the breakfast he leaves behind (and getting plumper) but I can let him free feed and I think he might eat more in the evening if it's available. And I'll drag out the canned food too.
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