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Default Re: Kitty Gus is sick

Gus is home. Still pretty groggy and can't manage his back leg coordination at all yet so has a way to go on recovering from the anesthesia. They left his catheter in so if he doesn't eat they can easily give him an IV. I'll take him back in the morning to have it removed.

But he came home with some canned IVD food and ate about half a can of the lamb version. And I put some of his kibble in his kennel where he's hanging out so he can eat that at will.

The vet's current thought is parathyroid tumor. He said one of the parathyroid glands is more than twice the size of the other one.

They are running two blood tests - "hypercalcemia of malignancy" (very expensive!) and "ionized calcium," which, as I understand it can determine whether there's lymphoma, parathyroid tumor, or, heaven forbid, both. And they did needle biopsies, guided by ultrasound, of the spleen, liver, and lymph nodes that will be reviewed by a pathologist in the next day or two.

Plus his doc is going to have a UCD radiologist review his x-ray.

(I really really like this vet - very thorough)

From what I was told, it's typical for the high levels of calcium to have damaged the kidneys, which does not seem to be the case with Gus. But if that's it, I think we caught it early. One of the vet's concerns is that the calcium level isn't high enough (13.2 with a normal range that tops out at 11.8) to explain how lousy Gus seems to feel.

The vet noted bowel inflammation as well, which could be a separate issue or related to lymphoma.

So we feed him as much as he will eat, take the cath out tomorrow morning, and await the various test results.

If it's a parathyroid tumor, that can possibly be either fried or removed surgically. If lymphoma, it's chemotherapy.

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