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Default Re: Kitty Gus is sick

Hi Jody!

Gus and Katie are 12. Mostly they've been healthy, which is fortunate since they're both terrible about the vet. From looking around on the web, it looks they may be all or mostly Maine Coons. Their bodies are very similar to each other's, kind of look like a set of salt and pepper shakers when they sit side by side. But Katie has stiff guard hairs and undercoat. Gus only has undercoat fur.

I knew Gus was sick when I saw how readily he let the vet handle him yesterday.

Winky was a tortie inside and out! She came to live with us when she was about 12 I think.... She was my stepdaughter's cat and had been living with my stepdaughter's mom, who decided to rehome her so we took her in. She was 19 when she died.

We already had Gus and Katie by then and Katie and Winky HATED each other. They fought constantly... I could almost hear an audible sigh of relief from Katie when she realized Winky wasn't coming back.... that's terrible, I know, but true.

Denise, amazingly enough, his kidneys are fine. And I was relieved to see that his fasting blood glucose was perfect - 85.

He put away 3/4 of a 5oz can of Lamb IVD and a handful of Whisker Lickins' treats. He's got kibble available but isn't interested.

I hope that's enough. Will check with the vet tomorrow about whether he needs more calories than that. And he's totally ignoring his wrapped catheter so I haven't had to put the e-collar on him.

It will be an anxious couple of days waiting for the test results. I guess we are all hoping for parathyroid... I'd prefer nothing but I don't suppose that's realistic. Parathyroid is more treatable as I understand it.

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