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Default Re: Annie - Getting too smart!

Annie woke me at 5:45, about 30 minutes before the alarm. I figured I’d just do her morning routine 30 min early.

Got her first eye drop ready, and put her up on the bed to better see her eyes (normal procedure). Before I was able to get the eye drop administered she threw-up on the bed. Not only on the sheet, but on my CPAP mask / hose!

Quickly carried her out to the hallway so if she continued it would be easier to clean from the hardwood floor. Took less than a minute to strip the bed. There she was in the hallway, tail wagging, with a nice little pile of poop! All in under a minute!

Took her outside and she did the rest of her morning business. Came back inside, tail wagging, and went straight to the kitchen saying: “OK Dad, I’m ready for my breakfast” as though everything had been normal! She ate breakfast and is having a nice nap while I clean the CPAP equipment and doing a load of laundry.

Guess it’s hard being a 15 year old!

Annie was an 18 pound Lhasa Apso that crossed the rainbow bridge on 10-5-17. She was nearly 17 years old and diabetic for 9½ years.
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