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Default Border collie Jack

I never thought I would do this so soon... Please say hello to Jack!

This is his official SPCA picture. Jeff took a couple last night but I haven't had a chance to pull those or take my own.

Jack is about a year old and has a LOT of energy (did I mention that he's very excited and energetic?!?!? Did I? Huh? Wanna play? I'm bored!). We met him last night and brought him straight home. Theory is border collie mixed with possibly lab - he's got big lab feet and labrador fur. He hasn't had much training... knows Sit and gets the basic idea of Down but thinks leash walks are sled races.

So far the cats are NOT happy. He's way more excitable than the stray we had here a few weeks ago and he obsesses on the cats and chased Katie, who has taken a "best defense is a good offense" approach from the moment he walked in the door.

Carpet shampooer already put to serious use this morning... bland diet for him until his bowels settle down some.

Oh lordy, what have we done?!?!?!?

He's really cute and I think he will be a lot of fun when we get him and the cats on better terms. Right now, everything is just plain complicated....

We just got to the point where I realized how much I not only missed Chris desperately but missed DOG IN MY LIFE desperately. If nothing else, this will keep me very focused!

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