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Default problems with aggressive dog injections

I AM having major problems getting my Gray Wolf Shadow to accept injections. Shadow normally allows me to muzzle her for most things as she knows i am trying to help and she can't stop from trying to bite me but with the injections, she has become more aggressive over the last month since diagnosed. She did not mind shots at first now She snaps when i try to muzzle her. Then even muzzled she growls and jumps at me making me pull back and needle slips. i have no help with holding her and its very tramatic for me and her. She starts watching me suspiciously at the normal injection times. One time I just did not do the injection and the next day when it was past time, she even put her snoot near the muzzle to get the injection so I think she understood she needed it. But then the next time it was a warzone again. Does anyone have any idea why she acts this way and suggestions to stop it. I've done everything including treats after, warming needle, hours of petting before. Of course strangers like the vet don't see any problem as she is the most cooperative critter they could every meet. I think vet thinks I'm crazy because she is so easy for them to muzzle and work with. I gave the shot in her office yesterday to make sure I did it right and of course not one problem but at home she turns to Cujo.
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