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Default Re: Soaphie

You are very welcome. 11 units isn't a great lot for Soaphie's size but all our dogs are certainly different. Buddy is only a little over 11lbs (5 kilos) and he gets 5 units of Humulin N twice a day. We started with Caninsulin (Australia's version of Vetsulin) and had great success for nearly 4 years so I know it is a good insulin but sometimes a bit pricey especially for the larger dogs. Your numbers are not so bad, a lot of us struggled with much worse numbers early on. How long has Soaphie been on insulin? Food plays a bit part of regulating and sometimes the type of food and insulin just don't match. A lot of us home blood test so it can be much cheaper and convenient, that is something you can investigate later. When you say seizure are you meaning a Hypo?
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