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Default Re: My Ali girl and question about basal insulins

Thanks for the welcome
I am looking into Lantus or Levemir as a 12 hour insulin, not as the long lasting 24 hour most people think about. Just looking for a flatter profile.

Our curves are not an accurate reflection right now. She's into her 2nd week of Baytril for UTI (e.coli). I am also giving her D-Mannose to help clear it.

She was "stuck" in the 250-400s range for a while, probably due to the UTI. She also has times where her insulin takes hold quickly and she drops like a rock - over 100 points in an hour. I'm wondering if this was also due to the infection. The last 24 hours she's been mostly below threshold - I'm thrilled!! But we are still tweaking things.

She is eating Northwest Naturals Bison It is a 60/40 mix of protein/veggies.
Her current schedule is
5:45a - 25 nuggets/shot
10:15a - 35 nuggets
5:45p - 25 nuggets
9:45p - 35 nuggets

I need to increase her food though. She's still losing some weight and needs to gain. At one point I added 5 extra nuggets to each meal, then increased her insulin the next day to compensate for the extra food but her numbers continued to rise higher into the 400s, so I backed down to where she'd been and let her bgs fall back in place.

Today I added 5 nuggets at 2:15p. We'll see what that does to her bg.
(sorry I know this looks like a mess - the spaces don't show up when I previewed it)

106 - 5:45p 8 25 nuggets
138 - 6:15p
177 - 6:50p
97 - 9:45p 35 nuggets
10:30p 1 Baytril
210 - 3:00a
154 - 5:45a
5:55a 8 25 nuggets
246 - 8:50a
82 - 10:15a 35 nuggets <-- I'm thinking of feeding this meal earlier
139 - 11:30a
156 - 12:00p
170 - 1:00p
157 - 1:50p
2:15p 5 nuggets
190 - 3:13p

Mostly I feel like I'm feeding her insulin. It's hard to feel comfortable leaving her alone at this point - she's pretty unpredictable yet. This is the best 24 hours we've had in a long time! I monitored her pretty tightly today hoping to try to repeat the pattern tomorrow.

I've tried adding buckwheat to her 2nd meal. She got pretty itchy with it. We've done testing for environmental allergies but not for food. I was told the blood test is not very accurate and we just tried to stay away from common allergens. I was thinking of trying some oatmeal or rice at some point.

Really this is a fact finding mission for me. I don't think I can truly get her regulated or try switching until we know the UTI is gone and not interfering with her bgs. I would love to do a trial with Lantus or Levemir to see how it does. I just wish there was more info out there! It's a bit scary to go it alone. I've heard there used to be a lot more dogs on Lantus that were raw fed but that it's dwindled away.

Any input is always welcome.
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