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Default Alfie bit another dog today

Just a quick run through of Alfie's background.

Alfie was nearly 3 when I got him and had never had any socialisation with other dogs. He is terrified of them. I have tried to work on this with him and done really well until about 2 years ago. Alfie was attacked by 3 staffies and is even more scared now of other dogs than he was when I first got him.
I have keep trying to work on this with him but its really difficult and so if there are other dogs around at the park I keep him on a lead.
I can do a really careful introduction with him to another dog, we walk the other dog in front of us for a while the gradually walk closer to the other dog until we are walking beside it and so far it seems to really work for us and after doing this Alfie accepts the other dog with no problem. If another dog comes towards him tho he gets all snarly at it barks and stuff.

We were out walking this morning up the woods and there were a few dogs around so I had him by my side on a lead. A woman with 2 dogs, a wee spaniel and a black lab were walking behind me. Gradually they got closer to us and Alfie was getting really uncomfortable with the dogs. The black lab (big male dog) keep sniffing Alfie like dogs do but it just wouldn't stop so the path split and I spoke to the owner and asked which way she was going. We decided to go down different paths and she said she would put her lab on his lead for a wee while so he didn't follow us and annoy Alfie. She was really quite a nice woman and could see that Alfie was not coping with her dog too well.

5 mins later down the path we were on her dog appeared and for the next 20 mins constantly tried to mount Alfie. I tried to keep walking but it was really difficult with Alfie spinning round on his lead all the time snarling at the dog trying to mount him.
Not really sure if I wasn't quick enough or if the dog managed to get its self in a better position but it ended up on top of Alfie and Alfie spun round and bit it on the neck. He bit the dog twice before the lab backed off and Alfie drew blood both times he bit it.
The woman by this point had caught up with us to get her dog back but she was really upset that Alfie had bit her dog.
She said she was going to report me and Alfie. Alfie is not a bad dog and I think he put up with a lot before it got to the point he bit the dog but I am so worried about whats going to happen now
Alfie- 11 1/2yrs. 8kg diagnosed June 2008. Insulin - NPH, Novorapid & Caninsulin - a work in progress! Dx left brain neuro focal lymphoma 4th Dec 2012, still fighting on!.
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