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Arrow Re: Alfie bit another dog today

GOSH, Allison! That's just horrible! This woman is NOT taking responsibility for her dog. The Lab was on top of Alfie. What is he to do? And TWENTY MINUTES struggling with this persistent Lab!

Could you tell how deep the bites were? Punctures? Any tears (lacerations)? However bad the bites, the Lab's owner is responsible, not you, and not Alfie, either.

Looks as though the woman let the Lab off the lead - and wasn't in sight? Right? Wasn't there for 20 WHOLE MINUTES? If she WAS there, did she do anything to help? (Was she there?)

Please report back! Alfie is absolutely not to blame here. This, you understand, is my personal opinion. Please keep us informed, because I might have some ideas. If the woman complains to you again, I might, for instance, ask her what the vet said about the bites.

I did that once when Kumbi bit a Lab who wasn't even harassing him, but Kumbi was protecting Kwali. He DID bite the Lab, causing a puncture. The woman phoned me, furious; and I asked her what the vet said. Oh, they didn't even bother taking the dog to the vet. End of THAT conversation!

If you have ANY more trouble with this woman, I want to know about it; maybe could come up with something. But in my view, the woman is completely at fault. I won't blame the Lab; it's natural dog-behavior, but the Lab must be under the owner's control - wasn't, in this instance.

Of course, I don't know what your local laws or bylaws are.

Mon, 4 Apr 2011 14:10:27 (PDT)
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