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Default Re: Jack the project!

Interesting day. And no MRI done.

The neurologist gave Jack a very thorough examination. And he wasn't able to elicit or demonstrate any expressions of pain or any neurological impairments despite cranking pretty hard on his back. Which is essentially where the previous neurologist left off too - that the diagnosis is "apparent back pain" that's demonstrated by Jack's poor exercise tolerance and sometime stiffness and limping.

He asked that we take Jack off of his Metacam for four or five days and bring him back for another exam in a week conducted without the benefit of his anti-inflammatory medication. And to take some video of him while exercising if we can capture some of the signs of pain in Jack and push Jack a bit more to see how he responds to running and jumping.

We can call off the whole thing if, off of Metacam, he seems okay.

The neurologist's feeling is that the MRI should be done only when he or someone has identified and localized the source of Jack's pain and at this point he is unable to do that. His symptoms don't necessarily fit well with blown discs at the thoracic/lumbar junction. Not that they couldn't be the source of pain. But the pain could be coming from some entirely different region of the spine or some other part of his body.

At his current level of impairment, he said even if Jack had a blown disc he wouldn't recommend surgery because it's so invasive but would rather manage it with pain control. I'm not sure how I feel about that yet but I'm on board with further evaluating Jack and trying to better identify what's causing his poor exercise tolerance.

So that's the plan - back to his office next Tuesday for another exam and, in the interim, see if we can capture on video some of his signs of pain.

I have mixed feelings... I'm kind of wrung out emotionally and would have liked to have some resolution / identification of the problem. But, at the same time, I think his plan makes sense. And the fact that we didn't have this conversation with the previous neurologist makes me feel like we are doing the best thing by having Jack seen by this one.

Jack is tired! Two hours in the car each way, nonstop standing up looking out the windows.

Jack did well in the exam. He was muzzled, of course, and he did growl a couple of times when the doc was manipulating his limbs - it was not the most fun exam for him. But he didn't hold a grudge and generally did great. He was leaning into Jeff for protection, which, given how much difficulty Jack had trusting Jeff two years ago, was very sweet to see.

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