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Arrow Re: Alfie bit another dog today

I'm usually really slow on the uptake - it occurred to me that likely, this woman threatened to report you as a distraction from any effort you might make to report HER. But to whom?

Much depends on local bylaws, on what sort of animal-control is in place, if any.

Some people are very good at threatening others, to avoid taking consequences for their own behaviors.

Allison - I hope you're not too worried about Alfie biting another dog. The provocation was HUGE - Alfie really had no choice but to defend himself.

For him to go that long before biting demonstrated the immensity of his self-control.

Please give Alfie very extra hugs, licks and wags, from Kwali and Kumbi at the Bridge, and Camellia and me here on Earth, if across the pond.

And very extra special love to you, Allison.

Mon, 4 Apr 2011 21:36:19 (PDT)
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