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Default Re: Abby Diagnosed about 4 weeks ago

Thank you Carol, that was helpful. We are learning together. I am using the "above the tail" method. It seems to be the least amount of stress for both of us. I'm realizing, however, that there is a lot of squeezing that needs to be done. After 3-5 attempts (those testing strips can be expensive, and at this rate 3or 5X more), I am successful!!

The levels have been high!

4:30PM: 375
Feed: 6:30 PM
12:30AM: 400
6:30 AM = 475
Feed: 6:45 AM

How often should I test to get a good curve?

I also got some Ketone strips, and they appear to be Negative (I'm thankful for some good news).

Thanks everyone!!
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