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Default Re: New Member Margaret and Lucy

Welcome Margaret and Lucy!

This is our second Lucy--Rick is here with his Lucy, his foster Australian Cattle Dog, so now we have two!

Knowing that Lucy has re-gained the weight she lost says something HAS been going right for her. I don't know if you may still have the question of Cushing's yet to answer because there are times when it's not possible to truly rule it in or out until the diabetes is under good control.

We have members who initially were told that their dog may have both diabetes and Cushing's--wasn't possible to confidently say there was no Cushing's until the diabetes was more managable.

There are a few differences between Insuvet Lente and Caninsulin. Insuvet Lente is made from beef and beef insulin is two amino acids away from a perfect match to the insulin a dog is born with. Caninsulin is from pork and pork insulin is a perfect match to a dog's own insulin.

Insuvet Lente is U 100 strength while Caninsulin is U 40 strength. These two differences mean that the Insuvet Lente has a longer onset, peak and duration, so you might still need some Caninsulin "adjustments" in near future yet. Both of these are Lente-type insulins so the basic action of them is the same.

There are times when it looks like you aren't getting anywhere, I know. But when you keep working at it, you certainly do. My Lucky was a lot older than Lucy when he was diagnosed--about age 13-14. It's quite common in North America for dogs to be started on human insulin--95% of them do regulate on that. Lucky was fine for one week on it and then it was like no insulin at all. We tried beef insulin with the thought that it was a duration problem and he did the same as on the human insulin. We went nowhere until we went to a pork insulin Lilly used to make called Iletin II Lente. It was basically the same as Caninsulin, except in U 100 strength.

When they stopped making this insulin--shortly after we had succeeded in getting Lucky regulated, we had to go to Lilly's pork isophane (no Caninsulin/Vetsulin in the US then). Lucky had problems with the suspension and preservatives in that, but not with the pork insulin itself. The problems were such that we made application to the US FDA for permission to import Caninsulin for Lucky's personal use. He was the first US patient to use it who had not been part of a previous study.

So all of us can try helping you better, we have a "one dog, one thread" set-up here. Everyone posts their information and questions about their dog on their thread--this would be the one for you and Lucy.

And now--all of us want to hear even more about you both!

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