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Default Re: New Member Margaret and Lucy

Thanks Kathy,
You have given me heart it was interesting to know that your Lucky was the first in USA to be given the Caninsulin. I have read up in the difference in the various insulins it just becomes more confusing. I was used to working with human isulins and it is a different ball game with dogs. I am converting into U100 syringes but now it is getting to be too much in the U100 I have ordered U40 I know they say they are a bit more uncomfortable
but I am used to injections and I will make sure they do not cause her any discomfort.
Kathy you were spot on with your comment about Lucy (some thing going right for her)
as Hendry the vet says she should be dead by now but she just keeps thriving despite the high bg's. Also what you said about Cushings there still be something but they have not got to the bottom of it as yet. My husband and me are just so glad she is still with us as we love her to bits. she goes in for regular curves I am thinking about a glucometer
but it is so complicated at present (vet in favour of it if we can just get her regulated)
My insurance run out in September so we have quite a bit of expense but she is worth every penny.

Kind regards
Margaret and Lucy
Margaret & Angel Lucy July 4 2001- May 6 2011
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