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Default Re: New Member Margaret and Lucy

Hi Margaret!

Welcome to you and Lucy!

I am so happy to hear that you finally found a vet who is willing to work to get Lucy where she needs to be! Seven is far too young for the docs to be giving up on her!!

If you could, please fill us in a bit more about her insulin history.

>> How much Insuvet Lente was she on and did she have curves done to assess her glucose control on that insulin?

If she has had curves done, please post that information (request it from the vet if need be as it's incredibly valuable information to have), including the number of units of insulin given, the times, and the glucose readings.

Has she ever had a fructosamine test?

What level of regulation did she manage to achieve?

As Kathy said, since she gained her weight back, she was getting some benefit from the insulin.

Since Lucy is so cooperative, definitely consider doing home blood glucose testing. That would allow you to curve Lucy yourself. There are video and picture tutorials of how to collect the blood drop at the main website, Chris' video is of testing on the lip and it's a big file so give it time to download. Another good place on small dogs like Lucy is the back at the base of the tail and there is a picture tutorial there for testing that spot.

Sorry... I always have lots of questions!

You and Lucy will be fine because you are determined to help her. Sometimes that's the one thing it really takes to get it done.



Dogs Name - Lucy
Breed - Miniature Schnauzer
Age - 7 1/2 years BORN (4thJuly 2001)
Weight - 221bs (10.6Kgs)
Diagnosed - December 2007
Insulin - Caninsulin 15Iu bid
Diet - Bakers Complete, Tinned Chappie. Vegetables Lean Chicken
Monitoring - Keto-Diastix Urine testing.
Medication - Optimmune (dry eyes) Cataracts both eyes. Almost blind.
Medical - Repeated UTI's

She was on Insuvet Lente for a year but could not be regulated.

She is now on Caninsulin but only a week we were doing well up till Wednesday and her readings started rising again It's as if we take 5 steps forward and 3 back.
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