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Default Re: Border collie Jack

Well, that seals our flooring decision! Glad you mentioned the concerns about the laminate.

We have been back and forth for months - tile vs. laminate vs hardwood vs. carpet - and in the end we decided that Jack would be a far happier dog with carpet. If we went with any of the others, we would have to have area rugs all over the place, which kind of defeats the purpose of a different kind of floor and would break up our great room floor plan visually into a bunch of blocks.

Having heard the concerns about Heidi and the floor, sounds like carpet is the right decision.

We are fortunate that I work from home and my husband's weekends are Sunday, Monday, Tuesday so we can make vet appts early in the week without a scheduling problem.

Our neighbors very overweight dog is limping recently. And sounds like they are having a similar problem with her. It seemed odd to me that this marked limping she has suddenly showed up and makes me wonder if she doesn't actually have some kind of an injury plus arthritis in the background. She's 12 so arthritis is likely but her behavior looks more like an injury to me.

The ER vet we use is a specialty clinic on Greenhaven so not far from you. Unfortunately, I don't know most of the specialists there any more as it changed hands last year. But it generally has a much friendlier atmosphere than VCA Referral Center in Sacramento.

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