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Default Re: Bonnie - thinking of you and Sugar

Thanks for your support.

The trip to OSU yesterday didn't go as well as I had hoped. Sugar has a mass tumor on his right carpal planter surface. It is called hemangiopericytoma or a peripheral nerve sheath tumor, grade 1.

Normally, a grade 1 would be a good thing since it is the least damaging and is removed successfully by surgery. However, because of Sugar's location, right behind the last pad of his paw, and the size, it cannot be removed surgerically without reconstruction surgery as well. We're talking about a 2 to 3 week hospitalization and two separate surgeries with a skin graft from his stomach. It's also very expensive.

The second recommendation is for 21 'hits' of radiation. Luck isn't with us since the nearest place that could do this therapy is the University of Missouri at Columbia, a 400-mile round trip for us. I can't possibly drive that 21 times over a month nor can I take off 3 weeks or more of work to temporarily go there. I have other animals that I'd have to kennel or find a pet sitter.

That leaves us with chemo therapy. The OSU oncologist who looked at Sugar yesterday said that there isn't any chemo that will reduce the tumor, but some that could prevent it from growing. This is the direction I think we'll pursue. That and keeping him pain free. They started him on Tramadol.

I just can't see putting Sugar through either the recommended surgery. Amputation of his fore leg is out because of his weight and age.
We will have to return to OSU for a visit with the oncologist to get started. I don't know when we'll do that.

I feel so bad because I didn't notice the tumor while it was small enough to excise without the extensive damage to his leg and paw. But then the groomer and two vets didn't notice it either.

I have a lot to think over this weekend.

Bonnie and Angel Criss
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