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As a hurricane veteran, I totally understand what y'all are going through, and I think this advice might be too little, too late, but here goes:

1. Turn your fridge and freezer down to the coldest settings now so that they stay colder longer.

2. Empty your ice maker into a bag and store that ice in the freezer, then let your ice maker cycle more ice

3. Fill containers with water and freeze them. The water is useful later, if you need it, but mostly it keeps the contents of the freezer cold to be surrounded by all that ice.

4. remove loose items from the exterior of your house- like potted plants, etc. to keep them from becoming projectiles.

5. Fill your bathtub with water. This water is for flushing the toilet if the water gets cut off. It can be used for pet water, too, if needed, but i wouldn't drink it.

6. Find your playing cards or board games.

7. Make sure your electronics are fully charged, and keep them plugged in until the power goes out. Every minute of battery life helps. If you have a smart phone, turn OFF the wifi once the power goes out cuz that can drain the battery.

8. Fill your car's gas tank. When the power goes, the gas stations can't pump gas.

9. Pick things up off the floor and put them on top of furniture or upstairs.

10. Take pictures of the interior of your house, every room, get the details. That's important for insurance claims.

Best wishes to anyone riding this out. I did it two months ago, and I totally understand your concerns.

BTW, a great website is Dr. Masters' blog is fantastic, as are the updates about the track of a storm, it's forecast, etc.
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