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Default Teeth Cleaning for Diabetic Dog

Yukon's last teeth cleaning was 2017, when he was Cushing & Diabetes free.

I have been told by the vet and also from my observation that his teeth are really dirty. I am so torn on whether or not to make an appointment to have his teeth cleaned.

I called the vet that I usually go to clean his teeth and asked if they clean diabetic dogs teeth. She said they do after putting me on hold and checking with the lab girls.

I asked her how it would work as far as the insulin/food the day of the procedure and she said I would need to give him 1/2 the insulin dosage and just a small amount of food that day. They would run blood work when I bring him in to make sure it is safe to put him under for the teeth cleaning.

I know his teeth are dirty and I read that it contributes to high blood sugars - I am just torn whether or not I should do it.
15 yr old, Atypical Cushings, Pancreatitis, Allergies. 11.5u Vetsulin 2x a day. Royal Canin Glycobalance 1 cup 2x Day with 3 teaspoons boiled chicken and chicken bone broth. Snacks Green Beans. Tylan Powder, Purina Fortiflora, Flax Hull Lignans 35mg 1x day.
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